Kurdistan and my message to President Assad, President Erdogan, President Masum, Ayatollah Kamenei, President Putin, and President Trump.


CORDUENE (Kurdistan), the home of the Kurdish people. The history of the Kurdish people and their land (Kurdistan) goes at least as far back as 595 BC, probably much further. The Kurdish people have deeper roots in this region than even the Armenian Empire.

By Everest Wilhelmsen

There are three things needed to have a valid claim to land. First, to make a claim to the land. Second, use the land. And third, fight to defend the land. The Kurdish people have been doing all three of these for thousands of years: The Kurdish people have not given up. They are fighters — against all odds. For this reason I truly respect and admire them, and you should, too.

Nineteenth-century scholars, such as George Rawlinson, identified Corduene with the modern Kurdish people. This is supported by recent academic sources which consider Corduene as proto-Kurdish, or as the equivalent to modern-day Kurdistan. There were numerous forms of this name, partly due to the difficulty of representing kh in Latin. Below is a map showing ancient Kurdistan (Karduchi) during Alexander the Great’s Empire, 4th century BC.


Karduchi (Kurdistan) during Alexander the Great’s Empire, 4th century BC.

The history (timeline) of the Kurdish people is as follows:

One of the earliest records of the phrase “land of the Kurds” is found in an Assyrian Christian document of late antiquity, and states that “Tamanon” and the “Khabur River” are the “land of the Kurds.” Tamanon is north of the modern Iraq-Turkey border and the Khabur River starts north of today’s Syria-Turkey border, and is the main tributary to the Euphrates River and Tigris River.

NOTE: The current Kurdistan that is occupied by Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria is a byproduct of colonial powers after the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. The Western powers’ after World War I in their 1923 Treaty of Lausanne entirely disregarded the Kurdish people and their land by absurdly sectioning off much of Kurdistan to a new state, the “Republic of Turkey,” as the successor state of the defunct Ottoman Empire. That Treaty of Lausanne led to the international recognition of the new “Republic of Turkey” while wrongfully ignoring the established roots of the Kurdish people.


Borders of “Republic of Turkey” set by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

My first experience with the Kurdish people was in 1968 near Mount Ararat. We were coming from the Black Sea and City of Erzurum on our way to Iran.

NOTE: We did not know of the Kurdish people when this picture below was taken, nor did we know that we were about to enter Kurdistan. We had not heard of the Kurdish people previously, and shortly after this picture was taken we found ourselves on a dirt road full of potholes with Turkish military tanks parked along the road here and there for kilometers in front of Mount Ararat.


Big and Little Ararat are in the background.

The trailer not only carried our belongings and camping gear, but popped up into a camper and had an attached tent. We slept in this trailer and tent every night, carefully finding a secluded place each evening before setting up camp. My mother would immediately start cooking dinner while my father, my brother and I were putting up the trailer and tent.

Below is a map showing Kurdistan,  and the Kurdish people were living in these areas of modern-day Turkey long before this map was made.


The red line shows our first route, in 1968. In other years we went through the center of Turkey and on our last trip we took the southern route along the Mediterranean Sea and Syrian border, then north along Lake Van, always crossing into Iran at the same border.

The picture of our car and trailer was taken on the road headed east from Erzurum and near the “Kurdish-inhabited area,” as seen on the map, and although we did not know that we were about to enter Kurdistan, we found it interesting that the paved road (asphalt) ended. Suddenly, we were on a dirt road full of potholes, and along the road were parked Turkish military tanks. We would pass some tanks, drive a few kilometers and find more tanks and military trucks parked on the side of the road. The entire area in front of Mount Ararat was apparently a militarized zone. When we stopped at what I remember to be only a few buildings and a gas pump (where we bought gas) we were told by some Turkish soldiers there that we were not allowed to climb on Mount Ararat.

After buying gas and driving further east we found the road winding down from the high plateau of Mount Ararat through a mountain range, and with dark closing in for the night it was time for us to find a place to set up our camp. Below the road, deep in a canyon, we could see a small river and so we started looking for a way to reach the river… and found a small road that led directly to the river. We found a nice flat area along the river and, as usual, while my mother was cooking dinner my father, brother and I proceeded to put up the trailer and tent, and finished doing before it got dark.

NOTE: This post is in progress.  Please check back for further content here on my first experience with the Kurdish people.

NOTE: Many years later, when we took the southern route, we also found only dirt roads full of potholes approaching Lake Van, along the length of the lake and all the way to the Iran border. My point here is that the “Republic of Turkey” was not making any use of the land.

You will notice in my writing above that I have always referred to “the Kurdish people,” not simply to the Kurds. The reason for this is because I see the Kurdish people as an independent sovereign nation, not only as an ethnic group. They in fact have a valid claim to the land surrounding Lake Van and up in the area of Mount Ararat, which modern day Turkey holds a false claim to. The Kurdish people also have a valid claim to the northern regions which modern day Syria and Iraq hold false claims to. Claiming land, but not using and fighting to defend the land is not a valid claim. The Kurdish people have been doing all three, where as Turkey, Syria and Iraq have not.

My EXPRESS MESSAGE to the Kurdish people

First and foremost Barack Hussein Obama and his administration (government), and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are not your friends. Obama is the very close friend of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Obama is instructed by Erdogan. Why? Because Erdogan is a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood organization seeking to establish a new caliphate, albeit one headquartered in Istanbul. Obama is a “yes man” groomed by the Muslim Brotherhood long ago, even before he entered Harvard University. Obama is in fact the corporate CEO of the Muslim Brotherhood and global banking elite. Angela Merkel is another puppet: She does whatever Obama and Wolfgang Schauble, who unlawfully negotiated and signed a contract with the German Democratic Republic and is today the Federal Republic of Germany’s finance minister, tell her to do.


None of these individuals, nor their governments, believe in freedom and the rule of law. The rule of law is written, but not enforced. Human rights are to them, including their courts, a hindrance to their rule and therefore considered by them to be only ink on paper. Instead of enforcing the rule of law they in fact dictate and rule over their so-called “democracies” with impunity, i.e., in arrogant violation of the rule of law.

NOTE: Human rights (natural rights) are the highest and foremost security measures for mankind. These rights are not privileges (i.e., not granted by any government), they are natural rights and are the rule of law.


Obama’s first trip to an Islamic country after he was elected was to Turkey in April 2009 where he praised Erdogan for making Turkey into a Middle East model. Erdogan came to power in 2003, and after he demonstrated success in raising Turkey’s living standards, he started to overcome opposition from the secular army and cosmopolitan elite in Istanbul, and only then he started introducing elements of Islam into Turkish public life. Turkey is in fact not a secular state as claimed.

Obama and Hillary Clinton are known today in USA to be narcissistic liars. They and their cohorts are in fact operating the largest crime organization in US history. They are rotten to the core and therefore lying is now the routine practice, and has become acceptable to their constituents. They and most of Europe’s “leadership” are in fact committing fraud against all of humanity.


Second, the truth is that Obama and Hillary Clinton unlawfully started the war in Libya, (i.e., without permission of the American people), and that they with Erdogan also unlawfully started the war in Syria. The truth is also that Obama and Clinton are the founders of ISIS and that they DO NOT intend to help the Kurdish people if they remove President Assad in a violent “regime change” as done in Libya.

NOTE: Obama knew in advance that ISIS was intending to cross the border into Iraq and take Mosul and the weapons cache he had left there. He could have easily stopped ISIS from crossing into Iraq and taking Mosul, but he sat back and watched as the plan unfolded. He has not only been assisting ISIS, but he is ISIS.


Obama is ISIS.

It was after ISIS crossed over into Iraq that the terrorist organization started calling themselves the Islamic State (IS), and it was ONLY THEN that Obama started calling them the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL). Why? To inform them that the Muslim Brotherhood sees the declared “caliphate” as premature, i.e., that the “Levant” is the objective and that a caliphate was to be headquartered in Istanbul, not in Aleppo. Today the Muslim Brotherhood sees the newly declared “Islamic State” as a loose cannon, but still effective in the Brotherhood’s objective to remove Assad and his secular state.

Obama has labeled President Assad and the Syrian government as “a regime,” but the fact is that it is Obama, his administration, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood and other cohorts, that are a regime. The Muslim Brotherhood opposes independent (strong) nationalist leaders and secularist governments. Obama is also attempting to open the door for the global banking elite to enter into Syria.

There were no protests in Libya against Muammar al-Gadaffi and the “protests” in Syria were in fact instigated by the Muslim Brotherhood, not by freedom seeking Syrians. Erdogan, Obama and Clinton were very quick to condemn President Assad for strongly opposing the “protests,” and failed to inform the international community that President Assad’s father had many years earlier been forced to put down violent Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Syria. Erdogan, Obama and Clinton also conveniently showed no interest (said nothing) when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was bombing legitimate Arab Spring protesters in Yemen. Not once have Erdogan, Obama and Clinton criticized the “royals” in Saudi Arabia, nor in other Arabian Peninsula states, for murdering and imprisoning protesters in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The “royals” in Saudi Arabia are in fact the world’s worst human rights violators. Saudi Arabia is in fact the world’s largest women’s prison.

NOTE: It was the British that put the Saud family in power in Saudi Arabia. The Saud family are not true royals, but a family of desert bandits who the British rewarded for betraying and helping to bring down the Ottoman Empire. The only true royal in the Middle East is King Abdullah II of Jordan.

This post is in progress: Please check back for additional content.


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