Barack Hussein Obama is NOT AN AMERICAN, he is the enemy within the gates !!!


If a loser, pathological liar and usurper like Obama can easily get into the White House, then I will find it extremely reprehensible if a winner and second generation American patriot like Donald Trump cannot. The “never Trump crowd” in Congress in fact conspired with Obama to unlawfully insert him into the White House, and now they are like the high priests and elders asking for Barabbas.

NOTE: If you don’t know who Barabbas was, then you have not read the Bible. It’s time you do.

Regardless of where Barack Hussein Obama was born, (and we still have no evidence of where he was born), he is ineligible to assume the Office of President, because he is not a second generation American. He may have been born to an American woman, but he says his father was a Kenyan. Therefore, Obama born a British citizen. Our laws forbid anyone to be “a president” who was born with allegiance elsewhere. Obama has never been “the president,” but a very arrogant (narcissistic) enemy usurper.


I must give credit to a friend on Facebook, Terry Fletcher, for the title of this article. Terry has stated it correctly: Obama and his co-conspirators know that he is NOT “the president,” but “…is the enemy within the gates.” Terry goes on to say, “He will not stop, he will continue to help bring America down, that’s his mission as the corporate CEO.”

And that’s why Obama and his co-conspirators in Congress (the “never Trump crowd”) are asking other members of Congress and the voting public to elect a Barabbas, i.e., i.e., Hillary Clinton. They disrespect the rule of law and want to continue helping to destroy our Republic.

This post is in progress: Please check back for additional content.


3 responses to “Barack Hussein Obama is NOT AN AMERICAN, he is the enemy within the gates !!!

  1. I would like to join this group if possiable could you contact me. Your values are mine. martinmannix@icloud. Com


  2. Read the Fourteenth Amendment, you fucking moron. Mr. Obama was born in the US; hence, he is an Ameriican. That’s how it works.


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