We saw a T-Rex dinosaur (living) on the southeast coast of Malaysia.

Dinosaur (T-rex) Malaysia

This is a picture of what we saw directly in front of our car on the southeast coast of Malaysia forty-five years ago. We were returning from the north eastern beaches where we had gone to watch the largest turtles in the world (leather back turtles) lay their eggs. The black lines I have drawn in the picture above is the top of the hood of the car and the right side of the car (I was sitting in the back seat on the right side). The road was only wide enough for one car and was bordered by very high grass. I did not see it come out of the grass, remember hearing the tires screeeching on the road… I was thrown forward and when I looked up this was standing, motionless and directly in front of our car. Our bumper must have been no more than an inch from him, if not touching him.

He was as shocked as we were — he stood there for three seconds — I first focused on his head, because I saw his eye move in its socket to look downward at us through the windshield of our car. (He did not move his head to look at us, only his left eye.) I then glanced quickly down his back and out the side window to see that his thick tapering tail was still in the grass. I then looked up to see his big legs above the hood of the car and noticed that his underbelly was a lighter green than his back. Then saw his small legs held high up in the air. He was exactly as a T-Rex looks.

NOTE: I say “he” because it looked like a he to me — not feminine looking. He looked more dynamic than what I have drawn above, but was not ugly. There was no spiny appearance down his back: His skin was green and smooth.

He then dashed (ran) on his two huge legs into the grass on the other side of the road. I quickly opened my door and stood up on the back seat as high as I could get to see him running through the grass on his two big legs… I could still see the top of his head and the grass whipping right and left as he ran… on two legs faster than a horse.

My father had two Leica cameras – one with black and white film and the other color, but three seconds !!! We then continued to the next fishing village and immediately asked the men there about what we had seen. They knew nothing of it and told us they were fishermen, that they did not go into the jungle.

This post is in progress: Please check back for additional content.


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