This is not a race for the White House: Liars do not belong in a race for the White House.

Race (NO) 3

In an article I wrote several years ago I stated that Obama was uniting Islamic powers to re-establish an Islamic caliphate in Istanbul, Turkey, that he or President Erdogan of Turkey intended to be the new caliph, and that any attempt to remove Obama from the White House would result in jihad as never imagined before. Well, no one has removed Obama, and I believe he was not removed for fear of major terrorist attacks similar in scale to 9/11. We have had numerous smaller Islamic terrorist attacks, but in the Muslim Brotherhood’s eyes these attacks were small time, done by loose cannons and as Obama referred to ISIS as the “JV team”.

And now We the People of the United States are faced with Hillary Clinton who’s not new leadership, but the continuation of Islamic lies that have taken deep root in our White House under Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood. One only has to look at the Clinton Foundation to see the fact that Hillary Clinton is in the Islamic camp. She is in fact a lying, thieving Islamic terrorist, who with Obama and Erdogan created ISIS.

Obama as caliph

Also, something that has become very clear, is that all the globalists who oppose Donald Trump are threatening that his actions will cause more terrorist attacks.  This was stated by the new Muslim mayor of London and has been stated by many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Their claim that Trump’s intent to scrutinize the problem of Muslims entering the United States is going to cause more terrorist attacks is not a forecast, but I believe their plan. This is in fact Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign platform, i.e., built entirely with lies and threats.

If Hillary gets into the White House she will build Islamic minarets around it as the Muslims did with the Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople when they invaded and conquered Constantinople with their lies in 1453.


The Hagia Sophia church fenced in by Islamic minarets. Turkey is not a secular state.


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