Groomed by the Muslim Brotherhood—Obama is uniting all the Islamic powers into a caliphate. Try to arrest Obama and see “jihad” as never imagined before !!!


Obama is galvanizing (uniting) the Islamic powers into a singular Islamic state known as a caliphate, with the Qur’an as its constitution and Sharia law as its legal code. He and his co-conspirators are using Islam to eliminate secular nations, (e.g., Syria), merging Islam with the New World Order. The Roman Catholic Church has already formally merged with Islam in paragraph 841 of its CCC.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic organization and is Sunni, one of the two major sects of Islam which the majority of Muslims are, including all of the Muslims in Indonesia where Obama was in his most formative years raised by his Muslim stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, and where his name was Barry Soetoro, not Barack Hussein Obama. And now Obama is aiding the Muslim Brotherhood with American tax-dollars and weapons to overthrow President Assad’s secular state (he protects Christians in Syria. The Shiite Muslims in Syria and Iraq are now receiving aid from the mullahcracy in Iran and from Hezbollah in Lebanon, both are Shia. But don’t misunderstand, the violent conflict between the Sunni and Shiite sects of Islam has always been temporary, i.e., until a new caliph is chosen.

NOTE: There are two customary ways of selecting a caliph — either a hereditary leader, or choosing someone when OPPORTUNITIES to conquer others arise.

Abdulaziz and Ahmadinijad

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Ahmadinejad of Iran (Shia) are united against the United States, the European Union and Israel. See the Sunni Muslim glaring at Ahmadinejad: It will take time for Sunnis and Shias to get used to unity.

So now We the People of the United States of America have a Sunni Muslim in our White House and Pentagon aiding, comforting and uniting Islamic powers into a caliphate that intends to supplant the United States Constitution with the Qur’an and Sharia law while most Americans are already struggling financially. Many of us don’t even have a bank account any longer and depend on food stamps. Much worse, we are no longer represented by “Congress”.

NOTE: If you do not know that Barack Hussein Obama, II is a Muslim, then you do not know what Islam is, i.e., you do not know that the Qur’an is every Muslim’s constitution and Sharia law its legal code, do not know what the Qur’an demands of every Muslim and have not acknowledged other facts.

Obama and golf 4

Obama is a strategic thinker, manipulator, dictator, and Islamic terrorist, not the laid back, incompetent public servant and pacifist he wants Americans to believe he is

Obama wrote in his book (to impress rich Muslim leaders), “The person who made me proudest of all though was Roy, he converted to Islam.” A Christian would  NEVER  say that !!! Obviously Obama lied to all Americans when he told us he was “a Christian.” Roy is Barack Obama’s brother and after “he converted to Islam” he changed his name to Abongo“. What we must acknowledge is that Obama’s mother married a second Muslim, Lolo Soetoro, who adopted her son in Indonesia and his name was Barry Soetoro. “Barry” is not a Muslim name and after leaving Indonesia he changed his name to “Barack,” an Arab Muslim name. Also Barack wrote in his book, “Lolo followed a brand of Islam… I looked to Lolo for guidance.” What we must acknowledge is that Barry’s stepfather, Lolo, and mother enrolled him in two separate Indonesian schools as a Muslim. They could have circled Catholic, Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, but they circled Islam. And in a third quote from Obama’s book he says, I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.Instead of saying he is on the side of America or Western civilization, or on the side of the Jews and Christians who are the victims of Islamic terrorism instructed within the Qur’an, he is going to “stand with the Muslims.” And we see him doing this: He has been aiding and comforting the Muslims on every issue and at every step of the way.

And that’s just up to 2010, and he has not changed course since then. On October 19, 2011 Obama banned the truth about Islam, i.e., banned the mention of Islam in terror training. He in fact implemented Sharia law which forbids anything that paints Islam in a bad light, even when it is the truth. In the same manner Sharia law defines the word “slander,” not as a lie told about a person, but telling something about a person that the person does not want known.

Betrayal of America

The Qur’an forbids anything that puts Islam in a bad light, even if it’s the truth.

And while he did approve of the killing of bin Laden (Islam permits killing fellow Muslims to spread Islam as the dominant power) Obama has never said anything negative about the advance of Sharia, including in the United States.

NOTE: Sharia law is entirely based on the teachings and instructions in the Qur’an (the Muslim nation’s constitution) and hadith (the traditional accounts of Mohammad’s life) all of which directly oppose the United States Constitution. (Sharia law is the law of a different nation, not of the United States.) The United States Constitution is based entirely on Judeo Christian principles, and Muslims are in fact instructed in the Qur’an and hadith to murder Jews and Christians, and supplant the United States Constitution with the Qur’an and Sharia law until they have their global caliphate. In sharp contrast to the Qur’an and Sharia law the United States Constitution supports and defends human rights as the highest and foremost security measures of the United States, and our Judeo-Christian principles are also the basis of American Exceptionalism.

In 2008 a poll found that 1 out of 10 Americans believed Obama to be a Muslim. In 2012, four years later, a poll found 1 out of 6 believed Obama to be a Muslim, and these figures are rising. That’s because Americans are beginning to see and acknowledge that the Qur’an instructs Muslims to lie to non-Muslims. Obama is in fact practicing taqiyya.

NOTE: ISIS, now named the “Islamic State” (IS) is the Muslim Brotherhood’s spearhead for a global caliphate. A caliphate cannot exist without a caliph there are two customary ways of selecting a caliph — a hereditary leader claimed to be a direct descendent of Mohammad, or a person chosen because opportunities to conquer others arise and require the immediate motivational leadership of a caliph and caliphate. The newly declared caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is only a temporary stand in for that purpose. The last caliphate (Ottoman Empire) was headquartered in Istanbul — after conquering Constantinople on the Bosporus, the Muslims first changed the name of the city to Islambul (as Islam).

It is because the last caliphate was headquartered in Istanbul that Obama needs President Erdogan of Turkey (also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood). The Muslim Brotherhood is primarily financed by the Saudis, Qatar and other Arab states  on the Arabian Peninsula, all of them Sunni and having the goal to destroy Israel, re-establish the caliphate of the Ottoman Empire and dominate the world. The Shiite Muslims in Iran also have the same goal and the new president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, and Prime Minister Erdogan are uniting—seeking to establish a global caliphate, but President Assad of Syria is a nationalist and is not in favor of a caliphate and its requirement for Sharia law. President Assad has in fact been fighting Muslim Brotherhood terrorists for many years and protecting the Christians and other minorities in Syria, as his father did. It is the Muslim Brotherhood and other Sunni terrorists who are trying to oust Assad and murdering Christians and other Muslims who oppose a caliphate.

NOTE: The Muslim Brotherhood wants a Sunni led caliphate, but its main focus now is to eliminate national states that oppose the establishment of a caliphate and people groups seeking to establish their own nations, e.g., the Kurds.

Erdogan and president of Iran

The new president of Iran Hassan Rouhani (Shia) and Erdogan (Sunni) now uniting.

NOTE: Iran’s initial support of Syria was because of its contract with the Shiite dominant government in Iraq and President Assad of Syria for a pipeline through Iraq into Syria to Damascus, then to the Russian Navy base in Syria and finally exported to Europe. With Russia siding with Assad in the war, Obama and Erdogan are now attempting to convince Iran to let the Muslim Brotherhood lead all Muslims in establishing their common goal, a new caliphate.

Obama Erdogan 3

Obama and Erdogan are both very ambitious.

Neither Obama nor Erdogan are descendents of “Mohammad,” but both are seen by other Muslim leaders as an opportunity to establish a new caliphate in the Middle East. Obama in our White House is holding the United States at bay and they need Iran’s nuclear capability to defeat Israel.

NOTE: Obama is a Muslim, but as most Muslim leaders he is in fact an atheist only using “a religion” to gain wealth and power to himself. He knows that Islam was only concocted by the Arabs after their invasion of their neighbors in the 7th century to control those they had conquered and to continue their warfare, i.e., that Islam (as the Qur’an makes very clear) is in fact a terrorist organization enslaving Muslims and demanding them to levy war on non-Muslims.

Non-Muslem woman beheaded in Syria

There are also several traditional Islamic accounts (hadith) of where Mohammad beheaded hundreds of non-Muslim captives: ISIS (now the Islamic State) is doing in Syria and Iraq today exactly as Arabs claim Mohammad did.

Watch the documentary Islam: The Untold Story by Dr. tom Holland and also hear additional facts from Dr. Jay Smith. Also, please watch Dr. Holland explain his “embarrassing moment” while he was filming his documentary.  Also, please watch Islam – The Untold Story (debate Part 1). Apparently, “Mohammad” may be a fictitious character created by the Arabs in their claim of a “religion”.

Obama has absolutely no interest in democracy or upholding human rights, (he violates human rights daily). It was in fact the Muslim Brotherhood that started the uprising in Syria, and it was after the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt (a government that proved itself to be another repressive Islamic regime), that King Abdullah of Jordan warned Obama that the Muslim Brotherhood aims to install another caliphate and that he was worried for his kingship in Jordan. Obama is now protecting King Abdullah of Jordan, the House of Saud and other oil rich families on the Arabian Peninsula.

NOTE: the Muslim ‘Brotherhoo9d, Al Qaida and ISIS are one and the same, all seeking to install a new caliphate, one led by Sunni Muslims. This is why Obama was aiding Morsi in Egypt financially and with weapons.

Then suddenly the Brotherhood’s President Morsi rolled out the red carpet in a welcome to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad of Iran, the first trip of an Iranian leader to Egypt since 1979. “We can provide a big credit line to the Egyptian brothers,” Ahmadinejad said.


“We can provide a big credit line to the Egyptian brothers.” Ahmadinejad

NOTE: At first it appeared that Iran’s visit was to compete with U.S.A., but now it is clear that Iran sees Obama aiding and comforting the Brotherhood and is acknowledging the LARGER mutual goal, i.e., a caliphate. Notice Ahmadinejad’s words, “Egyptian brothers”—betraying Iran’s Syrian “ally,” President Assad.

Muslim Brotherhood’s President Morsi has been recently quoted as saying:

“Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue.”

Morsi has referred to our Israeli allies as “blood-suckers … warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs … We must all realize that resistance (read as “terrorism) is the only way to liberate the land of Palestine.Also, last October, Morsi was shown on Egyptian television fervent in prayer in a mosque as the cleric of the mosque chanted, “Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder. Oh Allah, demonstrate your might and greatness upon them. Show us your omnipotence, oh Lord.”


This sign is not in reference to the young Egyptians who are protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood, but to the children of the Muslim Brotherhood.

NOTE: Obama wants American parents to teach their children to be exactly like the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood: Not raise them as American Patriots with allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, but to accept Islam as the dominant force. The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Muslim organization in the world and it is a documented fact that the Musliim Brotherhood is attacking the United States with what they, themselves, say is a “Grand Jihad until the final hour comes.” And what is “the final hour”? It is the hour of the final terroristic assault, the violent Jihad where all Muslims rise up wherever they are to conquer the world.

It is no secret that many Muslims want Barack Obama to be their new caliph. It has in fact already been said, “As Caliph he would solve all our problems.”  This has already been publicly stated in Pakistan, which is also of the Sunni sect. Obama was in Pakistan for three weeks in 1981 after he visited his mother and stepfather in Indonesia, a round the world trip that he has not mentioned in his books and at a time that he was struggling to find money for his college tuition. It must be mentioned here that Barack Obama has now given Pakistan billions of dollars in aid. “This law is the tangible manifestation of the broad support for Pakistan in the U.S.,”  the White House said in a statement. The videos below reveal how that “broad support for Pakistan in the U.S.” has come about.

Below is the paragraph shown in the video above, dated May 22, 1991, seized years ago when the FBI arrested a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was photographing the cables of a large bridge. Translated into English, it reads:

Understanding The role of the Muslim Brother in North America:
The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of Grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so its is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding we are not up to the challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he lives and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from this destiny except for those who chose to slack. But would the slackers and the Mujahideen be equal.”

The entire Muslim Brotherhood document is at:

Obama has in fact hijacked the United States government and if Congress even attempts to remove him we will see “Jihad” as never imagined — that is because Muslim leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood see Obama as the Muslim nation’s new caliph. The random terrorist attacks, even the 9/11 attacks, were only done by loose cannons, i.e, an impatient few wanting to lead the “Jihad” and unwilling to wait on the lengthy strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Young Muslims in the United States are told, “We are going to do a jihad, but not yet.”

Barack Obama has been positioning himself (massaging other Muslim leaders) to be made the new caliph of a caliphate to rule the world, and he prefers to do so from Washington. If you think I’m theorizing (without facts), you need to look closer at Islam and what Obama and other Muslims are doing.


Obama had a photographer ready to take this picture only to show other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood how he is insulting and controlling the American People.

Go ahead and try to remove Obama — there are many reasons why Congress should have already removed him, including being ineligible to assume the office of President! Try now to remove Obama and see what happens.

It has become evident that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. has all the traits of a ruthless dictator, i.e., a narcissist, a liar, manipulative, a nasty temper, and very willing to violate and alienate human rights. I believe, to be the new caliph, is Obama’s highest ambition and why he is rapidly galvanizing “the Muslim nation,” a supranational fascist totalitarianism having the Quran as its constitution, even now reaching out to Iran with a passive Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. This is also why Obama is attempting to stop Israel from striking Iran.

When the “final hour,” referred to in the Muslim Brotherhood’s documents, comes — Obama will require Islamic unity and also Iran’s nuclear weapons: He must stay on good terms with Iran’s supreme mullah. I write “mullah” because Iran’s “supreme leader” is not an ayatollah, but was only at the last moment given that title so he could be the “supreme leader.” In the same manner the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian “religious leaders” will unite and appoint Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. as caliph. He will suddenly be the most revered “religious leader” in Islam—taking Mohammad’s place.

The following video very clearly reveals that the Muslim Brotherhood (a known terrorist organization) is working in the Department of Homeland Security and that Obama’s administration is now attempting to conceal this.

The following video clearly reveals that the Department of Homeland Security is not trying to protect American Citizens as claimed, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

The Islamic (Muslim) strategy is to infiltrate and get their enemies to do all the work, (i.e., the attack), for them, e.g., both wars (in Afghanistan and Iraq) were strategic losses for the United States. The United States wrote the constitutions for both Afghanistan and Iraq, but we included Sharia law as their legal system. Not only did our leadership defeat the objective to plant true democracy (Islam opposes democracy and human rights), but our leadership has been encouraging the Muslims to continue in their “stealth jihad” to supplant the U.S. Constitution with the Qur’an and Sharia law in the United States.

Instead of the government protecting Americans, we are now being targeted by the government! And why? Because we have been betrayed!

Albert J. Beveridge

“If liberty is worth keeping and free representative government worth saving, we must stand for all American fundamentals—not some, but all. All are woven into the great fabric of our national well-being.”

Take note of the word “If” in Albert J. Beveridge’s statement above. The word “If” is asking you a question. Do you want liberty, or not? Our founding fathers established a nation based on Judeo-Christian principles, and thousands upon thousands of true American Patriots died fighting for these principles. But the dead are no longer able to defend our Republic, the responsibility to preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution (if you want liberty) is now yours.


Lincoln Memorial Gettysburg Address

And Albert Beveridge is correct: It is not possible to preserve and protect liberty if we do not stand for “all American fundamentals—not some, but all.” All of our fundamental liberties are in fact our foremost security measures and if even one of them is compromised we have a major breach in our security.

NOTE: No doubt this is why We the People of the United States now find ourselves faced not only with enemies from abroad, but by those conspiring with Obama within the United States. Treason is now flourishing in our country: In fact Obama was not elected, but unlawfully and willfully put in the Oval Office by members of Congress and Chief Justice John G. Roberts.

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Sa

Obama receiving a gold necklace from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia — fit for a caliph.

NOTE: Truth must be 100% truth, otherwise it is a pattern of deceit. Someone can tell you 99 truths and then 1 lie — then all 100 kill you. In fact the 99 truths and the 1 lie are a pattern of deceit, not the fundamental truths “woven into the great fabric of our national well-being.” If we want liberty we cannot accept lies from our representative government, because once our representatives lie to us, or are willing to accept lies and go on as though nothing happened, they then in fact no longer represent us, but choose to conspire against us.

And now Obama is for the first time admitting that he is supplying weapons to the opposition (Islamic terrorists) in Syria: This is no longer a civil war and  Obama has hijacked the original protest for freedom. Obama did not decide to give weapons to the opposition in Syria because of the claimed use of chemical weapons, but the “red line” of chemical weapons was only a loop hole that Obama, (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood), created after the Muslim Brotherhood took Libya and Egypt — they now want Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

NOTE: The fact that Assad was killing the Syrian people who were protesting for freedom meant absolutely nothing to Obama and still doesn’t: The fundamental principles of freedom (human rights) are not principles that Obama adheres to. Obama in fact unlawfully helped the Muslim Brotherhood take Libya and this is exactly why he has been lying (boldfaced lies) to us about the attack in Benghazi. There is no freedom in Libya today: Al Qaeda’s flag flies on the court building in Benghazi where the protests began. Obama highjacked the Arab Spring protest in Syria and Egypt, and is also squelching the protests on the Arabian Peninsula. And now Obama continues in the Muslim Brotherhood to take a strangle hold on the Middle East, all with his ambition to be the Muslim nation’s new caliph.

NOTE: The war in Syria is about two things: The flow of new found gas to the European Market, which is the reason Russia is involved, and about bringing multiple armies to the borders of Israel. Obama is not concerned for the people of Syria. Instead, Obama intends to personally gain financially by assisting the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and al Qaeda to get total control of this gas by a regime change in Syria and thus force Iran into an agreement, one that could include Obama being appointed as the Muslim nation’s new caliph. These reasons are why Obama would want to inflame the conflict in Syria (to unite Sunni and Shia Muslims regarding the new gas fields and with armies on the borders of Israel–preparing for an attack on Israel.


Israel is surrounded by Islamic nations which the Muslim Brotherhood wants to control. Fortunately, the Egyptian military has ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt.

NOTE: Shia Muslims are widespread in the Middle East, whereas most Sunnis in the Middle East are in Egypt, that is why what the Egyptian military is doing is a real blow to the Sunni Muslims. (Most Sunni Muslims are in Indonesia and Pakistan.) Although most Muslims in the Middle East are Shia, the Sunnis control Mecca and the Far East. So, to conquer the world, as instructed by the Qur’an the Sunnis in the Muslim Brotherhood believe they should be the Islamic sect to head up the new global caliphate. This is why Obama is weakening the U.S. military: His actual objectives — are to disarm the United States, supplant our Constitution with authoritarianism, destroy Israel, and conquer the world. Obama and his co-conspirators have in fact already indefinitely suspended our Constitution — now considered to be only ink on paper.

Islam coming your way

These are the street Muslims. There is another category of Muslims, i.e., those advising Obama.

While the Muslims are determining which sect (Sunni or Shia) is the dominant sect, any defensive act by Israel will immediately be a catalyst to unite the two sects into a new caliphate, and they will do so especially when there brother, (i.e., the man with the Arabic Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama), is still in the White House.

Please join us at Christian American Patriots Militia.


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  1. Then we fight back, I’m an American. And a Texan no one is taking my God given rights from me.


  2. PLAY ACTING MOHAMMEDANS Given Mohammedanism’s violent history and the unfavorable contrast of its oppressive practices against 21st century values, Mohammedans are hard-pressed to repackage their faith in the modern age. Some of its leading apologists have come to rely on tricks involving semantics and half-truths that are, in turn, repeated by novices and even those outside the faith. “If Mohammedanism were a violent religion, then all Mohammedans would be violent.” “Other religions kill, too.” Mohammad preached ‘no compulsion in religion’ (Qur’an: 2:256) “Mohammad never killed anyone.” The Qur’an Teaches that all Life is Sacred (Qur’an 5:32) “Mohammedans only kill in self-defense.” The million dollar wager that “Holy War” isn’t in the Qur’an. “Verses of violence are taken out of context.” “Islam must be true, because it is the world’s fastest growing religion.” “The Qur’an can only be understood in Arabic.” “If Islam were a violent religion, then all Mohammedans would be violent.” The Mohammedan Game: Most Mohammedans live peacefully, without harming others, so how can Mohammedanism be a violent religion? If Mohammedanism were the religion of terrorists, then why aren’t most Mohammedans terrorists? The Truth: The same question can easily be turned around. If Islam is a religion of peace, then why is it the only one that consistently produces religiously-motivated terrorist attacks each and every day of the year? Why are thousands of people willing and able to cut off an innocent person’s head or fly a plane full of passengers into an office building while screaming praises to Allah? Where’s the outrage among other Mohammadans when this happens… and why do they get more worked up over cartoons and hijabs? Rather than trying to answer a question with a question, however, let’s just say that the reason why most Mohammedans don’t kill is that regardless of what Islam may or may not teach it’s wrong to kill over religious beliefs. Consider that many Mohammedans would not even think of amputating a thief’s hand. Does this mean that it is against Islam to do so? Of course not! In fact, it is clearly mandated in both the Qur’an (5:38) and the example set by Muhammad according to the Hadith (Bukhari 81:792). As individuals, Mohammedans make their own choices about which parts of their religion they practice. However, even though believers may think whatever they want about what Islam says or doesn’t say, it doesn’t change what Mohammedanism says about itself. As a documented ideology, Islam exists independently of anyone’s opinion. As such, it may be studied objectively and apart from how anyone else practices or chooses to interpret it. The Qur’an plainly teaches that it is not only proper to kill in the name of Allah in certain circumstances, but that it is actually a requirement. Mohammedans who don’t believe in killing over religion may be that way out of ignorance or because they are more loyal to the moral law written in their hearts than they are to the details of Mohammad’s religion. Those who put Islam first or know Islam best know otherwise. In fact, few Mohammedans have ever read the Qur’an to any extent, much less pursued an honest investigation of the actual words and deeds of Mohammad, which were more in line with hedonism, deception, power and violence than with moral restraint. The harsh rules that Mohammedan countries impose on free speech to protect Islam from critique also prevent it from being fully understood. In the West, many Mohammedans, devout or otherwise, simply prefer to believe that Mohammedanism is aligned with the Judeo-Christian principles of peace and tolerance, even if it means filtering evidence to the contrary. It is no coincidence, however, that the purists who take Islam to heart are far more likely to become terrorists than humanitarians. Those most prone to abandoning themselves to Mohammad’s message without moral preconception are always the more dangerous and supremacist-minded. They may be called ‘extremists’ or ‘fundamentalists,’ but, at the end of the day, they are also dedicated to the Qur’an and following the path of Jihad as mandated by Mohammad. “Other religions kill, too.” The Mohammedan Game: Bringing other religions down to the level of Islam is one of the most popular strategies of Muslim apologists when confronted with the spectacle of Islamic violence. Remember Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber? How about Anders Breivik, the Norwegian killer? Why pick on Islam if other religions have the same problems? The Truth: Because they don’t. Regardless of what his birth certificate may or may not have said, Timothy McVeigh was not a religious man (in fact, he stated explicitly that he was agnostic and that “science” was his religion). At no time did he credit his deeds to religion, quote Bible verses, or claim that he killed for Jesus. His motives are very well documented through interviews and research. God is never mentioned. The so-called “members of other faiths” alluded to by Mohammedans are nearly always just nominal members who have no active involvement. They are neither inspired by, nor do they credit religion as Mohammedan terrorists do – and this is what makes it a very different matter. Mohammedanism is associated with Islamic terrorism because that is the association that the terrorists themselves choose to make. Mohammedans who compare crime committed by people who happen to be nominal members of other religions to religious terror committed explicitly in the name of Islam are comparing apples to oranges. Yes, some of the abortion clinic bombers were religious (as Mohammedans enjoy pointing out), but consider the scope of the problem. There have been six deadly attacks over a 36 year period in the U.S. Eight people died. This is an average of one death every 4.5 years. By contrast, Islamic terrorists staged nearly 10,000 deadly attacks in just the six years following September 11th, 2001. If one goes back to 1971, when Mohammedan armies in Bangladesh began the mass slaughter of Hindus, through the years of Jihad in the Sudan, Kashmir and Algeria, and the present-day Sunni-Shia violence in Iraq, the number of innocents killed in the name of Islam probably exceeds five million over this same period. Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 innocents in a lone rampage on July 22nd, 2011, was originally misidentified as a “Christian fundamentalist” by the police. In fact, the killings were later determined to be politically motivated. He also left behind a detailed 1500 page manifesto in which he stated that he is not religious, does not know if God exists, and prefers a secular state to a theocracy. Needless to say, he does not quote any Bible verses in support of his killing spree, nor did he shout “praise the Lord” as he picked people off. In the last ten years, there have been perhaps a dozen or so religiously-inspired killings by people of all other faiths combined. No other religion produces the killing sprees that Islam does nearly every day of the year. Neither do they have verses in their holy texts that arguably support it. Nor do they have large groups across the globe dedicated to the mass murder of people who worship a different god, as the broader community of believers struggles with ambivalence and tolerance for a radical clergy that supports the terror. Mohammedans may like to pretend that other religions are just as subject to “misinterpretation” as is their “perfect” one, but the reality speaks of something far worse. Muhammad preached “No compulsion in religion.” (Qur’an, Verse 2:256) The Mohammedan Game: Mohammedans quote verse 2:256 from the Qur’an to prove what a tolerant religion Islam is. The verse reads in part, “Let there be no compulsion in religion; truth stands out clearly from error…” The Truth: The Mohammedan who offers this verse may or may not understand that it is from one of the earliest Suras (or chapters) from the Medinan period. It was “revealed” at a time when the Mohammedans had just arrived in Medina after being chased out of Mecca. They needed to stay in the good graces of the stronger tribes around them, many of which were Jewish. It was around this time, for example, that Mohammad decided to have his followers change the direction of their prayer from Mecca to Jerusalem. But Mohammedans today pray toward Mecca. The reason for this is that Mohammad issued a later command that abrogated (or nullified) the first. In fact, abrogation is a very important principle to keep in mind when interpreting the Qur’an – and verse 2:256 in particular – because later verses (in chronological terms) are said to abrogate any earlier ones that may be in contradiction (Qur’an 2:106, 16:101). Mohammad’s message was far closer to peace and tolerance during his early years at Mecca, when he didn’t have an army and was trying to pattern his new religion after Christianity. This changed dramatically after he attained the power to conquer, which he eventually used with impunity to bring other tribes into the Mohammedan fold. Contrast verse 2:256 with Suras 9 and 5, which were the last “revealed,” and it is easy to see why Islam has been anything but a religion of peace from the time of Mohammad to the present day. There is some evidence that verse 2:256 may not have been intended for Mohammedans at all, but is instead meant to be a warning to other religions concerning their treatment of Mohammedans. Verse 193 of the same Sura instructs Mohammedans to “fight with them (non-Muslims) until there is no more persecution and religion is only for Allah.” This reinforces the narcissistic nature of Islam, which places Mohammedans above non-Mohammedans, and applies a very different value and standard of treatment to both groups. Though most Mohammedans today reject the practice of outright forcing others into changing their religion, forced conversion has been a part of Islamic history since Mohammad first picked up a sword. As he is recorded in many places as saying, “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah…” (See Bukhari 2:24) Mohammad put his words into practice. When he marched into Mecca with an army, one of his very first tasks was to destroy idols at the Kaaba, which had been devoutly worshipped by himself, his father, grandfather and the Arabs for centuries. By eliminating these objects of worship, he destroyed the religion of the people and supplanted it with his own. Later, he ordered that Jews and Christians who would not convert to Islam be expelled from Arabia. Does forcing others to choose between their homes or their faith sound like “no compulsion in religion?” According to Mohammedan historians, Mohammad eventually ordered people to attend prayers at the mosque to the point of burning alive those who didn’t comply. He also ordered that children who reached a certain age be beaten if they refused to pray. Interestingly, even the same contemporary Mohammedans who quote 2:256 usually believe in Islamic teachings that sound very much like religious compulsion. These would be the laws punishing apostasy by death (or imprisonment, for females), and the institutionalized discrimination against religious minorities under Islamic rule that is sometimes referred to as “dhimmiitude.” Islamic law explicitly prohibits non-Mohammedans from sharing their faith and even includes the extortion of money from them in the form of a tax called the jizya. Those who refuse to pay this arbitrary amount are put to death. If this isn’t compulsion, then what is? The Crusades The Mohammedan Game: Mohammedans love talking about the Crusades… and Christians love apologizing for them. To hear both parties tell the story, one would believe that Mohammedans were just peacefully minding their own business in lands that were legitimately Mohammedan, when Christian armies decided to wage holy war and “kill millions.” The Truth: Every part of this myth is a lie. By the rules that Mohammedans claim for themselves, the Crusades were perfectly justified, and the excesses (though beneath Christian standards) pale in comparison with the historical treatment of conquered populations at the hands of Mohammedans. Here are some quick facts… The first Crusade began in 1095… 460 years after the first Christian city was overrun by Mohammedan armies, 457 years after Jerusalem was conquered by Mohammedan armies, 453 years after Egypt was taken by Mohammedan armies, 443 after Mohammedans first plundered Italy, 427 years after Mohammedan armies first laid siege to the Christian capital of Constantinople, 380 years after Spain was conquered by Mohammedan armies, 363 years after France was first attacked by Mohammedan armies, 249 years after the capital of the Christian world, Rome itself, was sacked by a Mohammedan army, and only after centuries of church burnings, killings, enslavement and forced conversions of Christians. By the time the Crusades finally began, Mohammedan armies had conquered two-thirds of the Christian world. Europe had been harassed by Mohammedans since the first few years following Mohammad’s death. As early as 652, Mohammad’s followers launched raids on the island of Sicily, waging a full-scale occupation 200 years later that lasted almost a century and was punctuated by massacres, such as that at the town of Castrogiovanni, in which 8,000 Christians were put to death. In 1084, ten years before the first crusade, Mohammedans staged another devastating Sicilian raid, burning churches in Reggio, enslaving monks and raping an abbey of nuns before carrying them into captivity. In 1095, Byzantine Emperor, Alexius I Comneus began begging the pope in Rome for help in turning back the Mohammedan armies which were overrunning what is now Turkey, grabbing property as they went and turning churches into mosques. Several hundred thousand Christians had been killed in Anatolia alone in the decades following 1050 by Seljuk invaders interested in ‘converting’ the survivors to Islam. Not only were Christians losing their lives in their own lands to the Mohammedan advance but pilgrims to the Holy Land from other parts of Europe were being harassed, kidnapped, molested, forcibly converted to Mohammedanism and occasionally murdered. (Compare this to Islam’s justification for slaughter on the basis of Mohammedans being denied access to the Meccan pilgrimage in Muhammad’s time). Renowned scholar Bernard Lewis points out that the Crusades, though “often compared with the Muslim jihad, was a delayed and limited response to the jihad and in part also an imitation…. Forgiveness for sins to those who fought in defense of the holy Church of God and the Christian religion and polity, and eternal life for those fighting the infidel: these ideas… clearly reflect the Mohammedan notion of jihad.” Lewis goes on to state that, “unlike the jihad, it [the Crusade] was concerned primarily with the defense or reconquest of threatened or lost Christian territory… The Mohammedan jihad, in contrast, was perceived as unlimited, as a religious obligation that would continue until all the world had either adopted the Mohammedan faith or submitted to Mohammedan rule… The object of jihad is to bring the whole world under Islamic law.” The Crusaders only invaded lands that were Christian. They did not attack Saudi Arabia (other than a half-hearted expedition by a minor figure) or sack Mecca, as the Mohammedans had done (and continued doing) to Italy and Constantinople. Their primary goal was the recapture of Jerusalem and the security of safe passage for pilgrims. The toppling of the Mohammedan empire was not on the agenda. The period of Crusader “occupation” (of its own former land) was stretched tenuously over about 170 years, which is less than the Mohammedan occupation of Sicily and southern Italy alone – to say nothing of Spain and other lands that had never been Islamic before falling victim to Jihad. In fact, the Arab occupation of North Africa and Middle Eastern lands outside of Arabia is almost 1400 years old. Despite popular depiction, the Crusades were not a titanic battle between Christianity and Mohammedanism. Although originally dispatched by papal decree, the “occupiers” quickly became part of the political and economic fabric of the Middle East without much regard for religious differences. Their arrival was largely accepted by the local population as simply another change in authority. Mohammedan radicals even lamented the fact that many of their co-religionists preferred to live under Frankish (Christian) rule than migrate to Mohammedan lands. The Islamic world was split into warring factions, many of which allied themselves with the Frankish princes against each other at one time or another. This even included Saladin, the Kurdish warrior who is credited with eventually ousting the “Crusaders.” Contrary to recent propaganda, however, Saladin had little interest in holy war until a rogue Frankish prince began disrupting his trade routes. Both before and after the taking of Jerusalem, his armies spent far more time and resources battling fellow Mohammedans. For its part, the Byzantine (Eastern Christian) Empire preferred to have little to do with the Crusader kingdoms and went so far as to sign treaties with their Mohammedan rivals on occasion. Another misconception is that the Crusader era was a time of constant war. In fact, very little of this overall period included significant hostilities. In response to Mohammedan expansion or aggression, there were only about 20 years of actual military campaigning, much of which was spent on organization and travel. (They were from 1098-1099, 1146-1148, 1188-1192, 1201-1204, 1218-1221, 1228-1229, and 1248-1250). By comparison, the Mohammedan Jihad against the island of Sicily alone lasted 75 grinding years. Ironically, the Crusades are justified by the Quran itself, which encourages Holy War in order to “drive them out of the places from whence they drove you out” (Sura 2:191), even though the aim wasn’t to expel Mohammedans from the Middle East, but more to bring an end to the molestation of pilgrims. Holy war is not justified by New Testament teachings, which is why the Crusades are an anomaly, the brief interruption of centuries of relentless Jihad against Christianity that began long before and continued well after. The greatest crime of the Crusaders was the sacking of Jerusalem, in which at least 3,000 people were said to have been massacred. This number is dwarfed by the number of Jihad victims, from India to Constantinople, Africa and Narbonne, but Mohammedans have never apologized for their crimes and never will. What is called ‘sin and excess’ by other religions, is what Islam refers to as duty willed by Allah. “Mohammad never killed anyone.” The Mohammedan Game: In order to give others the impression that Mohammad was a man of peace, Mohammedans sometimes claim that he never killed anyone. By this, they mean that he never slew anyone with his own hand (except in battle… which they may or may not remember to mention). The Truth: By this logic, Hitler never killed anyone either. Obviously, if you order the execution of prisoners or the murder of critics by those who are under your command, then you are at least as guilty as those who carry out your orders. In Mohammad’s case, the number of people that he had murdered were literally too many for historians to fully know. There were the men taken prisoner at Badr (including one who cried out for his children at the point of execution), a mother of five (stabbed to death for questioning Mohammad’s claim to be a prophet), dozens of Jewish citizens, including poets and merchants who were accused of mocking Mohammedanism, numerous adulterers, at least one slave girl, 800 Qurayza men and boys taken captive and beheaded on Mohammad’s order, a Qurayza woman made delirious by the execution of her family, and an unfortunate individual who was tortured to death so that the prophet of Islam could discover his hidden treasure and then “marry” his freshly-widowed wife. Indirectly, Mohammad is also responsible for the millions upon millions of people who have been slaughtered down through the centuries by those carrying on his legacy of Jihad. Not only did he kill, he is truly one of the bloodiest figures in history. “The Qur’an Teaches that all Life is Sacred” (Qur’an, Verse 5:32) The Mohammedan Game: In an effort to portray their religion as non-violent, Mohammedan apologists vigorously employ verse 5:32, which would appear to promote a universal principal that all life is sacred to Allah – especially the way it is typically quoted by apologists: “…if any one slew a person… it would be as if he slew a whole people; and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people…” (As quoted by the Fiqh Council of North America in their ultimately meaningless “Fatwa against Terrorism”) The Truth: This fragment of verse 5:32 is what the apologists want non-Mohammedans to believe is in the Qur’an, as opposed to the dozens of other open-ended passages that command warfare, beheadings and torture. But even what they usually quote from 5:32 isn’t quite how it appears. Remember all those ellipses? There’s something being left out. Here’s the full text of the verse: “On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.” First, notice the gaping loophole. Killing is allowed in cases of murder or “for spreading mischief in the land.” Murder is pretty straightforward, but “spreading mischief?” If anything begged for a careful and precise explanation, this phrase certainly would. But generations of Mohammedans are left to apply their own interpretation of what “mischief” means – with varying standards. Violating Sharia law or sharing a different religious faith appears to qualify. Verse 7:103 of the Quran even indicates that merely rejecting Mohammad and the Quran counts as “mischief”. Secondly, note the broader context of this verse. It turns out that this isn’t a divine command to Mohammedans after all. It’s a recounting of a rule that was given to the Jews. It isn’t an admonition against killing. It’s an indictment against the Jews for violating the law given to them. “Any one” doesn’t mean “anyone,” but rather “any one” of the Jews. Any application to Mohammedans would have to apply only to Mohammedans – as in Mohammedan on Mohammedan murder within the brotherhood of believers. In fact, the context of the verse is the murder of Abel by Cain. Historically, this verse has never been interpreted by Islamic scholars to mean that Allah places equal value on the lives of non-Mohammedans. The Quran says that restitution for murder is bound by the law of equalitySura 2:178) and that non-believers are not equal to Mohammedans (Sura 39:09). Muhammad affirmed that while a Muslim may be punished with death for killing a fellow Muslim, they shouldnever be slain for killing a non-believer. Rather than encouraging tolerance, Sura 5 as a whole is actually an incitement of hatred with a hint of violence. Jews and Christians are explicitly cursed as ‘wicked’ people with ‘diseased hearts’ and as hateful ‘blasphemers’ respectively. Muhammad goes on to coyly remind his people that Allah loves those who “fight” in his service – and it’s fairly obvious who the enemy is. Mohammedan apologists conveniently leave out the fact that the gruesome verse which follows Sura 5:32 actually mandates killing in the case of the aforementioned “mischief”. It even suggests crucifixion and “the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides.” Although verse 5:32 recounts the law given to Jews, the verse that follows is clearly intended for Mohammedans. Verse 5:33 provides the basis for blasphemy laws, in which people are executed for insulting or questioning Mohammedanism. Ironically then, the very part of the Quran that apologists use to portray Islam as a non-violent religion has long been used as justification for making verbal offense into a capital crime. So, the Quran’s best example of moral instruction is a passage which actually mandates the torture and execution of those deemed a threat to Islamic hegemony… With this being the best that Mohammedanism has to offer, it’s not hard to guess why the religion contributes over a thousand deadly terrorist attacks to the world each and every year. “Muslims only kill in self-defense.” The Mohammedan Game: Mohammedans often claim that their religion only orders them to kill in self-defense (i.e. when their own lives are in danger). The Truth: In fact, self-defense is just one of several conditions under which Mohammedans are permitted to take the lives of others. The myth of killing only in self-defense is easily disproved from the accounts of Mohammad’s own life as recorded in Islam’s sacred texts (with which Muslim terrorists are only too familiar). Mohammad’s career of killing began with raids on merchant caravans traveling between Syria and Mecca. His men would usually sneak up on unsuspecting drivers and kill those who defended their goods. There was no self-defense involved here at all (on the part of the Mohammedans, at least). This was old-fashioned armed robbery and murder – sanctioned by Allah (according to Mohammad, who also demanded a fifth of the loot for himself). The very first battle that Mohammad fought was at Badr, when a Meccan army of 300 was sent out to protect the caravans from Mohammedan raids. The Meccans did not threaten Mohammad, and (turning this Mohammedan myth on its ear) only fought in self-defense after they were attacked by the Mohammedans. Following the battle, Mohammad established the practice of executing surrendered captives – something that would be repeated on many other occasions. The significance of this episode can hardly be overstated, because it lies at the very beginning of the long chain of Mohammedan violence that eventually passed right throughout the world. The early Mohammedans were not being threatened by those whom they attacked, and certainly not by those whom they had captured. They staged aggressive raids to eventually provoke war, just as al-Qaeda attempts to do in our time. Mohammedans try to justify Mohammad’s violence by claiming that he and his followers “suffered persecution” at the hands of the Meccans in an earlier episode, in which Mohammad was evicted from the city of Mecca and had to seek refuge at Medina. But even the worst of this persecution did not rise to the level of killing. Nor were Mohammad and his followers in any danger at all in their new home of Medina. They were free to get on with their lives. Even Mohammad’s own men evidently questioned whether they should be pursuing and killing people who did not pose a threat to them, since it seemed to contradict earlier, more passive teachings. To convince them, Mohammad passed along a timely revelation from Allah stating that “the persecution of Mohammedans is worse than slaughter [of non-Mohammedans]” (Sura 2:191). This verse established the tacit principle that the authority of Mohammedans is of higher value even than the very lives of others. There is no larger context of morality against which acts are judged. All that matters is how an event impacts or benefits Mohammedans. Under Mohammad, slaves and poets were executed, captives were beheaded, and adulterers were put into the ground and stoned. None of these were done during the heat of battle or necessitated by self-defense. To this day, Islamic law mandates death for certain crimes such as blasphemy and apostasy. Following his death, Mohammad’s companions stormed the Christian world – taking the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe. They attacked and conquered to the East as well, including Persia, Central Asia, and well into the Indian sub-continent. Few, if any, of these campaigns involved the pretense of self-defense. They were about Jihad. “The words, ‘Holy War’, aren’t in the Qur’an.” The Mohammedan Game: In early 2005, a well-known Mohammedan apologist named, Jamal Badawi, offered $1 million to anyone who could prove that the Qur’an contained the words, “Holy War.” Whether he actually had the money to put up is somewhat in question, but his intention was to make people believe that Jihad is not advocated in the Qur’an and that the terrorists are somehow tragically mistaken when they wage their campaigns of holy war in the cause of Islam. So successful is this myth, that it has been repeated on popular television shows, such as “Criminal Minds.” Many now believe that not only is holy warfare not advocated by the Qur’an, but that the word, “Jihad” must not appear in it either, since Jihad has come to mean “Holy War” (most especially by those who kill in the name of Allah). The Truth: In fact, not only is the word “Jihad” mentioned in several places within the Qur’an, such as the infamous Sura 9 (which includes the “Verse of the Sword”), there are over 150 calls to holy war scattered throughout the entire text. So what’s the catch? Well, when knowledgeable infidels such as Robert Spencer immediately responded to the challenge and went to collect their prize, Mr. Badawi was forced to reveal the fine print on his offer. You see, he wasn’t talking about the concept of holy war. He only meant the exact Arabic phrase, “Holy War.” And what about “Jihad?” Well, this doesn’t count, according to Mr. Badawi, because technically it can be used in a context that doesn’t mean ‘holy war’ (even if that is not how it was interpreted in Muhammad’s time, nor in ours). “Jihad” is like the word “fight,” which can be used in a benign sense (as in, “I am fighting a craving to call Mr. Badawi a disingenuous hack”). If “Jihad” is holy without war, then “Qital” must be war without the holy. It is an Arabic term that literally means to wage military combat. But, like Jihad, it is most certainly used within the context of holy war, such as in Sura 2: “Fight against them until idolatry is no more and religion is only for Allah.” Mr. Badawi is even on record as admitting that Qital can be a form of Jihad… but even this doesn’t qualify according to the niceties of his offer. So, although the Qur’an tells believers to “slay the infidels wherever ye find them,” and “smite their necks and fingertips,” showing “ruthlessness to unbelievers,” and 150 other violent admonitions to fight explicitly in the cause of Allah… the Arabic words “holy” and “war” don’t literally appear side-by-side. (Neither do the German words, “concentration” and “camp,” appear consecutively in Nazi documents, by the way). My, what a hollow victory this is! One has to wonder whether Mr. Badawi sincerely believes that he has a point or if he recognizes this for the shameful word game that it is. At the very least, people should know that “Jihad” is used within the context of religious warfare time and time again throughout the Qur’an and Hadith, and that, regardless of the exact terminology, Islam’s most sacred texts clearly advocate the sort of holy war that propels modern-day terrorism. “Verses of violence are taken out of context.” The Mohammedan Game: All verses of violence were issued during times of war, according to the apologists. They accuse critics who use Qur’anic verses to discredit Islam of engaging in “cherry-picking” (pulling verses out of context to support a position, and ignoring others that may mitigate it). The Mohammedans who rely on this argument often leave the impression that the Qur’an is full of verses of peace, tolerance and universal brotherhood, with only a small handful that say otherwise. Their gullible audience may also assume that the context of each violent verse is surrounded by obvious constraints in the surrounding text which bind it to a particular place and time (as is the case with violent Old Testament passages). The Truth: Unfortunately, the truth is just the opposite. This is why new Mohammedans and non-Mohammedans alike, who begin studying the Qur’an and Hadith, are often confronted with an array of disclaimers and warnings by well-meaning Mohammedans who caution that it takes “years of study” to fully understand the meaning of certain passages. Neophytes are encouraged to seek the “counseling” of a Muslim scholar or cleric to “help them” interpret what they read. It isn’t the verses of violence that are rare; it is the ones of peace and tolerance (which were narrated earlier in Mohammad’s life and superseded by later ones). Neither is the “historical context” of these verses of violence all that obvious from the surrounding text in most cases. There is nothing overall that limits the targeting of unbelievers to a specific place and time. One would think that a perfect book from a perfect god would be easy to understand, but in the Qur’an, constructs and topics often come from out of nowhere and merge randomly in a jumbled mess that bears no consistent or coherent stream of thought. Few Quran’s are printed without extensive commentary which often exceeds the size of the original “revelation.” This is a problem when it comes to many of the verse that dictate violence. Although they can often be mitigated with non-intuitive references to entirely separate passages, not all believers are as determined to force the word of Allah into a separate moral framework. It is unclear why a perfect book from a perfect god would so often leave the brutally sensitive topic of killing open to human interpretation. With external references to the Hadith and early biographies of Mohammad’s life, it is usually possible to determine when a Qur’anic verse was narrated and what it may have meant to the Mohammedans at the time. This is what apologists opportunistically refer to as “historical context.” They contend that such verses are merely a part of history and not intended as present-day orders. But “historical context” cuts both ways. If any verse is a product of history, then they all are. Indeed, there is not a verse in the Qur’an that was not given at a particular time to address a particular situation in Mohammad’s life, whether he wanted to conquer the tribe next door and needed a “revelation” from Allah spurring his people to war, or if he needed the same type of “revelation” to satisfy a lust for more women (free of complaint from his other wives). Here is the irony of the “cherry-picking” argument: Those who use “historical context” against their detractors nearly always engage in cherry-picking of their own by choosing which verses they apply “historical context” to and which they prefer to hold above such tactics of mitigation. This game of context is, in fact, one of the most popular and disingenuous in which Mohammedans are likely to engage. Simply put, the apologists appeal to context only when they want it to be there – such as in the case of the bellicose 9th Sura of the Qur’an, which calls for the subjugation and death of unbelievers. They ignore context when it proves inconvenient. An example of the latter would be the many times in which verse 2:256 is isolated and offered up as proof of religious tolerance (in contradiction to Mohammad’s later imposition of the jizya and the sword). Islamic purists do not engage in such games. Not only do they know that the verses of Jihad are more numerous and authoritative (abrogating the earlier ones), they also hold the entire Qur’an to be the eternal and literal word of Allah… and this is what often makes them so dangerous. “Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion” The Mohammedan Game: How can Islam be a bad religion if it is growing so fast? Doesn’t this mean that it is actually a truthful religion, since so many are accepting it? The Truth: In the first place, the truth of an idea or doctrine is never established by mere belief. Up until the last hundred years or so, the vast majority of people on our planet did not even believe that they were on a planet. Nor did they believe that the earth was spinning at a thousand miles an hour or hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour. Does this mean that the earth wasn’t doing these things up until people believed that it was? Secondly, Islam is not “growing faster” than other religions because “people are accepting it,” but rather because the birthrate among Muslims is significantly higher than it is among Christians and others, particularly in the West. Kids can be raised to believe in just about anything, so this hardly constitutes any sort of genuine accomplishment. There are also a few women who “marry into Islam” each year, but this is usually just a nominal change in official designation. Of the so-called “converts” from other religions, only a miniscule number were active believers. Nearly all are really just people who had no faith to convert from – regardless of their nominal designation. In the West and other parts of the non-Mohammedan world in which all religions are allowed to compete equally such people experiencing a spiritual awakening are far more likely to turn to Christianity than Islam. This leads to our most important point, which is that decent Mohammedans should feel a sense of embarrassment rather than pride over the rules that they have to enforce in order to maintain Islam’s status as the “fastest growing religion.” In truth, it speaks more to the insecurity that Mohammedans have in their own religion – and the banal immaturity of Islam compared with other faiths. Let’s say that you are playing chess with a 6-year-old boy. Instead of following the same set of rules, however, the child is allowed to make up rules that are preferential to him. One of the rules he decides on is that you aren’t allowed to make any moves on his half of the board, but he is allowed to make moves on yours. Another might be that it is impossible for any of his pieces to be taken. Now, if the child is winning the game – which is assured by the conditions that he has imposed – is it really something in which he can truly take pride? The rules that Mohammedans impose on the “conversion game” are almost exactly like this chess analogy. Other religions are not allowed to operate in Islam’s own territory (i.e. preaching their faith and evangelizing) as Mohammedans are in others. Neither is conversion away from Islam allowed – on penalty of death. In the Mohammedan world, Christians who evangelize are imprisoned, assaulted, beaten, set on fire, shot, bludgeoned, and tortured by Islamists. Missionaries are raped and killed. Former Mohammedans who embrace Christianity as their religion of choice are thrown in jail along with their children, sexually assaulted, crippled, hanged, stoned, stabbed, dismembered, carved up, scalded, beheaded, brutalized, doused with acid, burned alive and publicly executed… …and Mohammedans brag that their religion is growing faster! Mohammedans who gloat over their “fast growing” religion are no different than the child from our example who deludes himself into thinking that he is smarter and better for “beating” a much wiser adult in a game played under manufactured conditions that render the artificial “victory” entirely meaningless. So the more pertinent question isn’t which religion is growing faster, but which is growing faster where people are free to choose. In this environment, Christianity wins easily. Converts are even won in Mohammedan countries under draconian conditions that Mohammedan evangelists never have to face anywhere on the planet. When was the last time a person was killed or tortured merely for embracing Islam? Mohammedanism has been playing by its own rules since its inception. It is unlikely that Mohammedans will soon develop enough maturity or confidence in their own religion to lift the shameful restrictions to which it owes its success, and risk competition with other faiths on a level playing field. As was first mentioned, the truth of a belief or creed is never established by how many followers it has (by that standard, Christianity would be true). But when a religion has to be supported by double standards, death threats and violence there is all the more reason to doubt its veracity. “The Qur’an Can Only be Understood in Arabic” The Mohammedan Game: The Qur’an can only be fully understood in Arabic. One cannot criticize Islam without knowing Arabic. The Truth: Although Mohammedans often tell critics of Islam to “read the Qur’an,” they are usually unprepared for what happens when their advice is heeded. An honest translation of Islam’s holiest book generally reinforces negative opinion. The fallback is to then claim that the Qur’an can only be understood in Arabic. Of all the efforts to artificially insulate Islam from intellectual critique, this is probably the most transparent. Unfortunately, for those Mohammedanss craving reassurance from the more embarrassing passages of the Qur’an and Sunnah, this cheap tactic of arbitrarily dismissing anything they disagree with still comes at a heavy price, since Islam cannot be protected in this way without sacrificing its claim to being a universal religion. In the first place, it is fundamentally impossible for anyone to learn a language that cannot be translated into the only one they do know, which means the apologists who insist that one “must learn Arabic” in order to understand the Qur’an are committing a logical fallacy. Either the Arabic of the Qur’an is translatable (in which case there is no need to learn Arabic) or it is not (in which case it can never be learned by the non-native speaker). Enter the skeptic. While every language has its nuances, how is that Arabic is the only one with words and phrases that are literally untranslatable? More importantly, why in the world would Allah choose to communicate his one true religion for all people in the only language that cannot be understood by all people? Even the vast majority of Mohammedans and their imams do not speak Arabic. Even more suspicious is that this amazing linguistic “discovery” was only recently made – and that it corresponds quite remarkably with the contemporary rejection of Islamic practices that were considered acceptable up until the religion’s recent collision with Western liberalism. In fact, the argument that hidden and alternate meanings exist to unflattering Qur’anic passages (justifying slavery, the inferior status of women, sexual gluttony, holy warfare, wife-beating, and religious discrimination) perfectly corresponds with the level of embarrassment that modern scholars have about the presence of such verses in the Qur’an! No other world religion claims that it can only be fully understood in one language. Neither is the same level of effort required to massage primary messages into palatability. While the Bible is distributed pretty much as is by various Christian groups, for example, it is rare to find a Qur’an that does not include voluminous and highly subjective footnoted commentary deemed necessary to explain away the straightforward interpretation of politically-incorrect passages. An additional problem for the apologists is that they want to have it both ways. On the one hand they declare that (for some strange reason) the “perfect book” can’t be translated and that Allah’s perfect religion thus cannot be understood by most of humanity without a battery of intercessors and interpreters. Then they turn around and blame the reality of Islamic terrorism on this same “necessary” chain of intermediaries by claiming that the Osama bin Ladens of the world have simply gotten bad clerical advice, causing them to “misunderstand” the true meaning of the Religion of Peace (in the most catastrophic and tragic way imaginable). Of course, another irony here is that, as a Saudi, the Qur’an-toting Osama bin Laden was a native Arabic speaker – as are most of the leaders and foot soldiers in his al-Qaeda brotherhood of devout Mohammedans. In fact, many critics of Islam are Arabic speakers as well – a fact that is often ignored by the apologists, who only find Arabic linguistic skills relevant when they are lacking (not that the same pundits have ever been known to care about whether a critic of the Bible speaks Hebrew or Greek). At this point there is only one avenue of escape for the beleaguered apologist – the weak claim that the Qur’an can only be understood in Classical Arabic, an obscure Quraish dialect which has not been commonly used in over a thousand years and is only known by a few hundred people alive today (generally Wahabbi scholars, who are – ironically enough – accused of taking the Qur’an ‘too literally’). It is hardly plausible that the differences between classical and modern Arabic are of such significance that peace and tolerance can be confused with terrorism, but even if this were true, it merely begs the question all the more. Why would such a “perfect book” be virtually impossible for the rest of us to learn – and susceptible to such horrible “misinterpretation” on an on-going basis? Really, it isn’t hard to see through this childish game, particularly since the rules are applied only to detractors and not to advocates. Apologists never claim that Arabic is a barrier to understanding Islam when it comes to lauding the religion, no matter how less knowledgeable those offering praise are than the critics. Neither do they qualify the claim that “Islam is the fastest growing religion” with the caveat that new converts (or the vast majority of existing Mohammedans) don’t understand Islam since they can’t read the Quran in Arabic. Obviously, the real reason for this illogical myth is that the information age is now making the full history and texts of the Islamic religion available to a broader audience, and the contents are highly embarrassing to both Mohammedan scholars and their faithful flock. Pretending that different meanings exist in Arabic is means of self-assurance and saving face with others. THE COSMIC JOKE YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ARABIC TO REALIZE THAT THE QURAN IS A “COSMIC” JOKE SO THIS IS ALLAH’S PERFECT BOOK? “The Qur’an escapes from the hearts of men faster than a runaway camel.” The present text of the Koran, which all Muslims accept as the only non-falsified holy book, was collected 15-20 years after the death of Muhammad in the time of the Caliph Uthman who ordered all previous collections to be burned. But you don’t have to dig very deep to find the truth. Even a cursory reading of the Qur’an is sufficient to prove that it is a fraud. There is no way the creator of the universe wrote a book devoid of context, without chronology or intelligent transitions. Such a creative spirit wouldn’t need to plagiarize. He would know history and science and thus wouldn’t have made such a fool of himself. The God who created man wouldn’t deceive him or lead him to hell as Allah does. Nor would he order men to terrorize, mutilate, rob, enslave, and slaughter the followers of other Scriptures he claims he revealed, wiping them out to the last. One doesn’t need a scholastic review of the Qur’anic text to disprove its veracity. It destroys itself quite nicely. Tradition tells us that Muhammad had not foreseen his death, and so he had made no preparations for gathering his revelations. He left it up to his followers to sift through the conflicting versions. There is not a SINGLE idea in the Quran that has not been plagiarized, pirated, plundered or perverted from the belief of others! The only new items in the Quran are the enormous amounts of hate, war, torture & Hellish verses that permeate through its pages. Mohammedanism is the Cult of Mohammed & both Quran & Hadithss instruct his followers to slavishly emulate his deeds, thoughts, manner & ideas. This is Cultism. Islam provides only one prime source of information on Muhammad and the formation of Islam written within two centuries of the time he lived and it was conceived. Ishaq’s Sira, or Biography, stands alone—a singular and tenuous thread connecting us to a very troubled man and time. Over the next two hundred years, other Hadith Collections were compiled by the likes of Tabari, Bukhari, and Muslim. Their assemblages of oral reports, or Traditions, were said to have been inspired by Allah. They purport to convey Muhammad’s words and example. They also explain the Qur’an—a book so deficient in context and chronology, it can only be understood when seen through the eyes of the Sunnah writers. Their message is all that Muslims have. Together, the Sunnah and Qur’an are Islam. Bragging one day, Muhammad called his surahs a miracle: Bukhari:V6B61N504 “Muhammad said, ‘Every Prophet was given miracles because of which people believed. But what I have been given is Divine Inspiration which Allah has revealed to me. So I hope that my followers will outnumber the followers of the other Prophets.’” If the Qur’an was his only “miracle,” why would he leave it in such horrid condition? I believe the answer is clear. Muhammad knew his recitals had been nothing more than a figment of his less-than-admirable imagination, situational scriptures designed to satiate his cravings. Preserving these recitals would only serve to incriminate him, as this Hadith suggests. Muslim: C24B20N4609 “The Messenger said: ‘Do not take the Qur’an on a journey with you, for I am afraid lest it would fall into the hands of the enemy.’ Ayyub, one of the narrators in the chain of transmitters, said: ‘The enemy may seize it and may quarrel with you over it.’” A number of Bukhari Hadith suggest that Muhammad’s companions tried to remember what they could of what he had said, but there was a problem. Like today, those who knew the Qur’an were militants. So Abu Bakr feared that large portions would be forgotten. The best Muslims were dying on the battlefield subduing fellow Arabs. In one battle alone, most of the Qur’an’s most knowledgeable reciters were lost, and many Qur’anic passages along with them. Bukhari:V6B60N201 “Zaid bin Thabit, the Ansari said, ‘Abu Bakr sent for me after the (heavy) casualties among the warriors (of the battle) of Yamama (where a great number of Muhammad’s Companions were killed). Umar was present with Bakr. “The people have suffered heavy casualties at Yamama, and I am afraid that there will be more casualties among those who can recite the Qur’an on other battlefields. A large part of the Qur’an may be lost unless you collect it.” I replied to Umar, “How can I do something which Allah’s Apostle has not done?” Umar kept on pressing, trying to persuade me to accept his proposal.’ Zaid bin Thabit added, ‘Umar was sitting with Abu Bakr and was speaking (to) me. “You are a wise young man and we do not suspect you of telling lies or of forgetfulness. You used to write the Divine Inspiration for Allah’s Apostle. Therefore, look for the Qur’an and collect it (in one manuscript).” By Allah, if Abu Bakr had ordered me to shift one of the mountains (from its place) it would have been easier for me than the collection of the Qur’an. I said to both of them, “How dare you do a thing which the Prophet has not done?” Zaid declared that collecting the Qur’an’s surahs would be an impossible task. He said that it would be easier to move mountains than to turn Muhammad’s string of oral recitals into a book. The reason for this rather troubling statement is obvious: Zaid’s search for Qur’anic passages forced him to rely upon carvings on the leg or thigh bones of dead animals, as well as palm leaves, skins, mats, stones, and bark. But for the most part, he found nothing better than the fleeting memories of the prophet’s Companions, many of whom were dead or dying. In other words, the Qur’an, like the Hadith, is all hearsay. There were no Muslims who had memorized the entire Qur’an, otherwise the collection would have been a simple task. Had there been individuals who knew the Qur’an, Zaid would only have had to write down what they dictated. Instead, Zaid was overwhelmed by the assignment, and was forced to “search” for the passages from men who believed that they had memorized certain segments and then compare what he heard to the recollection of others. Therefore, even the official Islamic view of things, the one recorded in their scripture, is hardly reassuring. Worse still, the Muslim chosen for this impossible task was the one in the best position to plagiarize the Torah and Talmud. Moreover, it’s obvious he did. Remember: Tabari VII:167 “In this year, the Prophet commanded Zayd bin Thabit to study the Book of the Jews, saying, ‘I fear that they may change my Book.’” the worse it gets. Bukhari:V6B61N511 “Zaid bin Thabit said, ‘I started searching for the Qur’an till I found the last two Verses of Surat At-Tauba with Abi but I could not find them with anyone other than him. They were: ‘Verily there has come to you an Apostle from amongst yourselves.’” [9:128] This is incriminating. The 9th surah was the second to last revealed. If only one person could remember it, there is no chance those revealed twenty-five years earlier were retained. Furthermore, this Tradition contradicts the most highly touted Islamic mantra: Most Muslims contend Uthman, not Bakr, ordered the collection of the Qur’an a decade later. And who knows what version they finally committed to paper, if in fact they ever did? Bukhari:V6B61N513: “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Gabriel [whom Muhammad said had 600 wings] recited the Qur’an to me in one way. Then I requested him and continued asking him to recite it in other ways, and he recited it in several ways till he ultimately recited it in seven different ways.’” So there were at least seven Qur’ans. THE QU’RAN CHALLENGE! • In Bukhari’s Hadith we find a sea of disturbing and contradictory claims regarding the compilation of Allah’s book. There were differing versions, even in Muhammad’s day: Then Abdallah came to him, and he learned what was altered and abrogated.” This is reasonably clear. The Hadith says that portions of the Qur’an were conflicting, changed, and cancelled. WHY QURAN WAS WRITTEN DOWN • Ibn Abi Dawud, Kitab al-Masahif—Many (of the passages) of the Qur’an that were sent down were known by those who died on the day of Yamama . . . but they were not known (by those who) survived them, nor were they written down, nor had Abu Bakr, Umar or Uthman (by that time) collected the Qur’an, nor were they found with even one (person) after them. THE REMAINDER QURAN Abu Bakr decided that it was time to gather what remained of the Qur’an in order to prevent more from being lost, and he appointed Zaid ibn Thabit to this task. After Zaid completed his codex around 634 AD, it remained in Abu Bakr’s possession until his death, when it was passed on to Caliph Umar. When Umar died, it was given to Hafsa, a widow of Muhammad. (For a fuller account see Sahih al-Bukhari 4986.) THE “PERFECT” QURAN IS MISSING When Ibn Umar—son of the second Muslim caliph—heard people declaring that they knew the entire Qur’an, he said to them: “Let none of you say, ‘I have learned the whole of the Koran,’ for how does he know what the whole of it is, when much of it has disappeared? Let him rather say, ‘I have learned what is extant thereof’” (Abu Ubaid, Kitab Fada’il-al-Qur’an). UTHMAN’S QURAN During Caliph Uthman’s reign, approximately 19 years after the death of Muhammad, disputes arose concerning the correct recitation of the Qur’an. Uthman ordered that Hafsa’s copy of the Qur’an, along with all known textual materials, should be gathered together so that an official version might be compiled. Zaid ibn Thabit, Abdullah bin Az-Zubair, Sa’id bin Al-As, and Abdur-Rahman bin Harith worked diligently to construct a revised text of the Qur’an. Bukhari:V4B56N709 “Uthman called Zaid, Abdallah, Said, and Abd-Rahman. They wrote the manuscripts of the Qur’an in the form of a book in several copies. Uthman said to the three Quraishi persons, ‘If you differ with Zaid bin Thabit on any point of the Qur’an, then write it in the language of the Quraysh, as the Qur’an was revealed in their language.’ So they acted accordingly.” Because there was such confusion, Uthman ordered competing versions to be burned. But by destroying the evidence, he destroyed the Qur’an’s credibility. Now all Muslims have is wishful thinking. WHO BURNT THE FIRST QURANS? When it was finished, “Uthman sent to every Muslim province one copy of what they had copied, and ordered that all the other Qur’anic materials, whether written in fragmentary manuscripts or whole copies, be burnt” (Sahih al-Bukhari 4987). The Qur’an we have today is descended from the Uthmanic codex. ZAID’S QURAN REJECTED Muhammad once told his followers to “Learn the recitation of the Qur’an from four: from Abdullah bin Masud—he started with him—Salim, the freed slave of Abu Hudhaifa, Mu’adh bin Jabal and Ubai bin Ka’b” (Sahih al-Bukhari 3808). Interestingly, Ibn Masud (first on Muhammad’s list) held that the Qur’an should only have 111 chapters (today’s version has 114 chapters), and that chapters 1, 113, and 114 shouldn’t have been included in the Qur’an. FLAWED QURAN Due to these disputes among Muhammad’s hand-picked reciters, Muslims are faced with a dilemma. If Muslims say that the Qur’an we have today has been perfectly preserved, they must say that Muhammad was horrible at choosing scholars, since he selected men who disagreed with today’s text. If, on the other hand, Muslims say that their prophet would know whom to pick regarding Islam’s holiest book, they must conclude that the Qur’an we have today is flawed! 2 CHAPTERS MISSING FROM THE “PERFECT” QURAN One of Muhammad’s companions, Abu Musa, supported this claim when he said that the early Muslims forgot two surahs (chapters) due to laziness: Sahih Muslim 2286 THE PART THE GOAT ATE Aisha also tells us that individual verses of the Qur’an disappeared, sometimes in very interesting ways: Sunan ibn Majah 1944—It was narrated that Aishah said: “The Verse of stoning and of breastfeeding an adult ten times was revealed, and the paper was with me under my pillow. When the Messenger of Allah died, we were preoccupied with his death, and a tame sheep/goat came in and ate it.” The verses on stoning and breastfeeding an adult not in the Qur’an today. MISSING PASSAGES We know further that large sections of certain chapters came up missing. For instance, Muhammad’s wife Aisha said that roughly two-thirds of Surah 33 was lost: Abu Ubaid, Kitab Fada’il-al-Qur’an—A’isha . . . said, “Surat al-Ahzab (xxxiii) used to be recited in the time of the Prophet with two hundred verses, but when Uthman wrote out the codices he was unable to procure more of it than there is in it today [i.e. 73 verses].” • Sahih al-Bukhari 5005—Umar said, “Ubayy was the best of us in the recitation (of the Qur’an), yet we leave some of what he recites.” Ubayy says, “I have taken it from the mouth of Allah’s Messenger and will not leave it for anything whatever.” • But Ibn Masud wasn’t the only one of Muhammad’s trusted teachers who disagreed with Zaid’s Qur’an. Ubayy ibn Ka’b was Muhammad’s best reciter and one of the only Muslims to collect the materials of the Qur’an during Muhammad’s lifetime. Yet Ibn Ka’b believed that Zaid’s Qur’an was missing two chapters! Later Muslims were therefore forced to reject some of Ibn Ka’b’s recitation: • Ibn Masud advised Muslims to reject Zaid’s Qur’an and to keep their own versions—even to hide them so that they wouldn’t be confiscated by the government! He said: Jami at-Tirmidhi 3104—“O you Muslim people! Avoid copying the Mushaf and recitation of this man. By Allah! When I accepted Islam he was but in the loins of a disbelieving man”—meaning Zaid bin Thabit—and it was regarding this that Abdullah bin Mas’ud said: “O people of Al-Iraq! Keep the Musahif that are with you, and conceal them.” • Because of this (along with hundreds of other textual differences), Ibn Masud went so far as to call the final edition of the Qur’an a deception! He said, “The people have been guilty of deceit in the reading of the Qur’an. I like it better to read according to the recitation of him [i.e. Muhammad] whom I love more than that of Zayd Ibn Thabit” (Ibn Sa’d, Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, Vol. 2, p. 444). THE BOOK FROM HELL: DEMONS LOVE LISTENING TO THE QURAN And Allaah revealed other aayahs in a separate soorah, where He says: “Say (O Muhammad): “It has been revealed to me that a group (from three to ten in number) of jinn listened (to this Qur’aan). They said: ‘Verily, we have heard a wonderful Recitation (this Qur’aan)!” [al-Jinn 72:1] MUHAMMAD HAD A DEVIL COMPANION WHO BECAME A MUSLIM Even the Prophet had a shaytaan with him, his constant companion (qareen) from among the jinn, in the hadeeth which says that the Prophet said: “There is no one among you but he has with him a constant companion (qareen) from among the jinn and a constant companion from among the angels.” They said, “You too, O Messenger of Allaah?” He said, “Me too, but Allaah has helped me against him (the devil-companion) and he has become Muslim.” The Koran is a book of myths, fables and fairy tales. Do your research! The Qur’an is a revised counterfeit of 6th century polytheism, composed of previously existing pagan beliefs, practices and fairy tales. For example: The Koran says men were turned into apes because they broke the Sabbath. This was a popular legend in Muhammad’s day (Suras 2:65; 7:163-166). The Quran repeats fanciful Arabian fables as if they were true. “Arabic legends about the fabulous jinns fill its pages” (G.G. Pfander, Balance of Truth, pp. 283). “The story of the she-camel who leapt out of a rock and became a prophet was known long before Muhammad” (Suras 7:73-77,85; 91:14; 54:29). The story of an entire village of people who were turned into apes because they broke the sabbath by fishing was a popular legend in Muhammad’s day (Suras 2:65; 7:163-166). The gushing 12 springs story found in Sura 2:60 comes from pre-Islamic legends. In what is called the “Rip Van Winkle” story, seven men and their animals slept for 309 years in a cave and then woke up perfectly fine (Sura 18:9-26)! This legend is found in Greek and Christian fables as well as Arabian lore. The fable of the pieces of four dead, cut-up birds getting up and flying was well known in Muhammad’s time (Sura 2:260). It is also clear that Muhammad used such pre-Islamic literature as the Saba Moallaqat of Imra’ul Cays in his composition of Suras 21:96; 29:31,46; 37:59; 54:1, and 93:1. Many of the stories in the Quran come from the Jewish Talmud, the Midrash, and many apocryphal works. This was pointed out by Abraham Geiger in 1833, and further documented by another Jewish scholar, Dr. Abraham Katsh, of New York University, in 1954 (The Concise Dictionary of Islam, p. 229; Jomier, The Bible and the Quran — Henry Regency Co., Chicago, 1959, 59ff; Sell, Studies, pp. 163ff.; Guillaume, Islam, p. 13). The source of Sura 3:35-37 is the fanciful book called The Protevangelion’s James the Lesser. The source of Sura 87:19 is the Testament of Abraham. The source of Sura 27:17-44 is the Second Targum of Esther. The fantastic tale that God made a man “die for a hundred years” with no ill effects on his food, drink, LikeLike
  3. Awesome, reminds one of the fanciful tales of catholicism with their saints and visions, of the mormons and moroni and other such man-made chaff. Their own craftiness and the wisdom of this world are foolishness with God.


    • @James Bennett, I truly feel sorry for you not having faith. Catholicism is NOT made up of fanciful tales.


      • Are you speaking of Roman Catholicism or Catholicism only? Do you know that the last pope, Benedict XVI, wrote in Paragraph 841 of the Catholic Church Catechism that Muslims are going to Heaven with Roman Catholics? That is because the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church do not teach that Jesus is God? Are you Roman Catholic? If so, you are following a leadership taking millions to their eternal death: Most Roman Catholics today do not believe Jesus to be God. (My relationship to God does not depend on the Roman Catholic Church, the pope, or Mary.) Islam also teaches that Jesus is not God. Both Roman Catholicism and Islam ignore the fact that only God can redeem sinners (pay the price for forgiveness of sins) and Jesus did that by dying on the cross for us, because He loves us. (John 3:16) According to the Quran Jesus never died on the cross. Islam is a direct attack on the Gospel of Christ and is thus an antichrist.

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    • STFU and address the real issue here…….that would be the asswipe in the white house


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  6. All Rights of Citizenship must be given back to the Govt. (REGIME) for matters of Citizens Safety. The New American Way!


  7. Any “representative” or “government employee” supplanting our rights with “emergency laws” is the enemy of the American People, in fact levying war against the United States—committing treason. At the moment the American People are not governing ourselves, but are watching dictators rule. The People must stand up! Government is not a show to watch, the People must participate. And the longer they wait to enforce our Constitution the longer it will take to get their rights back, if ever!


  8. God help us defeat this monster. I’ll do all i can too help you spread the word!


    • Our country has been under stealthy attack from within for many years and it now appears that those attacking are arrogant (very bold). This means the values of the United States have been seriously eroded: We have been thoroughly infiltrated. True Americans must unite and be willing to die if necessary in defense of our Constitution as other true Americans did before us.


    • Once out of office the muuzzie sandzigger will have much less protection. Perhaps our military will notice???????


  9. Barbara Jewell

    This has surely opened my eyes a little wider.


  10. I am beginning to wonder if jihad is the reason seal team six was leaked by the WH and they are now all dead? Even though ovomit had to honor the order of bin laden’s execution, it doesn’t mean he was left without recourse. I suspect we will continue to see more seals comitting suicide or being murdered for various and sundry reasons.
    I have said for a very long time that our lawmakers are under threat of exposure or harm by the MBH and that is why articles of impeachment have not and will not be brought against this sociopath and his minions. In addition, almost no mention of Jarret, tho she continues under the radar as she conspires with ovomit in his dastardly reign. She too must be held accountable. And for those who defend muslims and islam, the facts speak far more clearly than any defensive rant, pages and pages will do. I will NEVER bow my knee to your grand PooBaw or deny Jesus Christ as the ONLY Son of God~


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  12. BRING IT ON! Get us a REAL president and we’ll make a glass plate out of their country! I’m sick of these people!! DO NOT EVER THREATEN AMERICA!


  13. A very eye opening report. I have never seen this country so infiltrated with people that wish us harm and demise !!! We need leadership with honest morals and dedication to all things that this country was built on !!!


  14. Nice presidential Muslim type guy list. Nice work, keep it up.


  15. Thank you. This is the best and most clearly stated information about the TRUTH. One can only hope, as I share this with people , that it will open the eyes of the many non believers. What good it will do is hard to fathom as I believe we have past the point of no return and will be fighting an evil force in this country greater then anything we ever believed possible. This is exactly why Barry wants all our guns so when the Muslim brotherhood creeps up bout of their holes, we have no means of fighting back. We won’t even have our own military anymore


  16. Americans have patience. Just as they have seen with stupid management they know if they wait long enough the idiots will be replaced. Our president if a qualified mistake and as usual Americans will wait out his administration. If something such as the UN or a waste-of-time religion such as Islam is forced on Americans there will be an insurrection.


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  19. robert goganzer

    When. He is impeached. BRING IT!!! We be waiting


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  25. islam = doctrines of devils.

    Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY to eternal salvation and forgiveness of sin.

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  26. God Save America, its badly f$%$#d


  27. The United States has fallen, and Islam is being used to judge it. Europe has fallen long ago, that is why islam is taking over the continent.
    The only hope is in eternal salvation Through Jesus Christ, for we wont make it out of here alive.


    • I believe you are right Jim. My sister and I were discussing this the other day. There is no way a president could get away with the things obama has. Our nation is clearly calling evil good and good evil. There has been no major outcry from the church about the encroaching radical islamic movement in America. And the speed and intensity at which our politicians, judges,even supreme court judges, news media, schools and the military have capitulated to the evil is astounding. All of a sudden it seems that the force that has held evil back has suddenly relented and now it is coming in like a flood and no standard has been raised against it. This could only happen if God allowed it. Are we at the end of the age of the Gentiles?
      Johnathan Cahn warned us of coming judgments on this nation and we are certainly seeing them take place.unfortunately people, even Christians remain blindly unaware of what is happening. When I speak to Christians about the Lord’s imminent return they seem to be deaf and blind! I am beginning to wonder if there are even five virgins who are prepared but I must trust God to find those who have not bowed their knee to Baal.
      Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly~


  28. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Is Barack Obama the Muslim nation’s new caliph? Try to remove Obama and you will see “Jihad” on a scale never imagined before!


  29. Obama was nominated for Muslim Caliph by the Pakistani Legislature over a year ago.Obama is a Muslim supremacist.He is also a Usurper.

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    • Robert, Obama may not even be an American citizen, in which case he would in fact be a foreign enemy.


      • Robert C. Laity

        When Obama took the Oath of Office of the Presidency of the United States he swore allegiance to the Nation and that he would uphold,protect and defend the Constitution. Obama OWES allegiance to the USA and he has betrayed that allegiance. That makes Obama a Traitor under 18 United States Code, Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381. Obama IS a Traitor and a Spy under U.S. Law. See also Section 906,Article 106 of the United States Uniformed Code of Military Justice. Obama as a usurper is NOT authorized to “Linger” in any place “during time of war” wherein the conduct of said war is engaged in. EVERY time Obama enters the Pentagon,the War room, any US Defense Contractor facilty,any Military Base,Naval Yard or Battle front,Obama IS breaking the Law.


      • Obama is both a foreign AND domestic enemy of America.


  30. Robert, you are right, obama is a usurper and not legally seated but congress has willfully chosen to ignore it. If obama used a drone to blast a major mall in America during the busiest part of the day congress still would not impeach him. They know he is not legal but they do not care. To expect legal recourse is folly , Pandora’s box has been opened in this world and it will not be easily shut and the damage recalled.
    And we can not just accept what is happening in the hopes that we will outlast him and then things will be different or we will erase what he has done to our nation! I do not believe if, and this is a big if, obama allows another election cycle to take p!ace we will ever have a conservative president in the White House again,because obama has manipulated the voting laws and the voting population to ensure it doesn’t happen, and we have eunuchs in congress who have turned their backs on their constituents and the constitution.
    As I said in an earlier post, this could not have happened except by a divine plan. This is God’s judgment on America The only recourse we have is to fast and pray and to be ready for the rapture. Are folks ready do you think? Seems to me that the church has fallen into a deep slumber from which they choose not to awaken~


    • Robert C. Laity

      Obama need NOT be removed from office by Impeachment proceedings initiated by congress. Obama has never held the Office of President. He can and MUST be ARRESTED on a simple warrant and tried in the U.S.District Court in D.C. Usurpation of a Public Office IS Codified in the D.C. Code.
      See: El Usurpator and “There is NO ‘President’Obama”


      • No, of course there he is not legally president which was my point n my initial comment. However even of he was a legal president the current congress would not move for articles of impeachment if they have not yet done so. They are as complicit in his misdeeds as he is because they are aware that he is not a legal president, yet they ignore their knowledge. Perhaps not all of them but certainly the majority of them.
        If obama was to be arrested my understanding is that every law he has passed is null and void. Is that your understanding as well? I read the article you cited and it was very enlightening, too bad more people do not read it! But I still hold little hope of him exiting the White House. I have no idea who would rise to the occassion of arresting him unless it is the honorable sheriff from Arizona, Mr Arpio (SP ?).


      • I do not see how ANY Law signed by a fraud could ultimately be upheld as legitimate. “Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is Null and Void”-Marbury v Madison,USSCt.(1803). Certainly that ruling covers Laws that were not signed by a legally authorized, bona-fides President.


      • Robert, you are right: Impeachment is only for presidents. You may be very interested in reading the following excellent opinion on this matter by Dr. Vieira:


    • Robert Christopher Laity

      I do not believe that seeking legal recourse is folly. It should precede the last resort, use of our Second Amendment rights to regain a usurped nation.


  31. He is a Satanic leader, nothing more. Let them unite, and watch Christians and every other religion around the world unite against filthy, satanic muslims. THEY WILL LOOSE.


  32. obama had osama bin laden removed from contention as caliph(murdered), not because of the heinous act perpetrated on the U.S..


  33. Just as you said in your document here ~ This is the Islamic strategy. PERFECT!


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  35. survivalistinme

    This artical only scares cowards,,,anything worth keeping is work fighting for. True Americans had rather die free than live under Dictatorship. Bring it !!


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  40. Well then bring on the jihad…..we can fight dirty too.


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  43. Fuck Islam & obama they can kiss my ass!!!


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  46. So if you occur to be visiting London you have to
    have formal afternoon. Those shall forever remain on this bastion
    of civilization. There’s the British Museum, the Tate Modern,
    the National Gallery as well as the National History Museum.



      Zbigniew Brzezinski: Evil Spirit of 5 US Presidents – And Biggest Threat to World Peace
      (by Anders, from Euro-Med Website) There is a man who is more dangerous to mankind than any other living person today. His name is Zbigniew Brzezinski, a CFR-member , Arch-Trilateral Commissionist, Bilderberger. He has been the evil spirit behind 5 US presidents, including Obama – and he is obsessed with but one thought: The US is to dominate a communist one world state.

      For that purpose, he sees Eurasia as his grand chessboard, where the battle is to be won. Like any chess player, he starts by occupying the centre of the chessboard, Central Asia.

      He wants peace there, friendly arrangements, in particular with China, if possible, so that he can pursue the goal of his obsession, i.e. the purpose of the Trilateral Commission created by him and David Rockefeller: To create a world state by fusing a coming North American Union, at which he is working through the CSIS, the Union for the Mediterranean – and a Far East block which is now being created.

      His aim is a communist one world state where Russia, which he hates, is subdued by being split into 3 republics in a loose confederation – and if that is not possible – then ultimately even by WW III. He and David Rockefeller are behind the fusion of world religions for peace in the world state. In stead he collaborates with Al Gore and Gorbachev to promote the environmental Gaia religion.

      In the Agenda 21 state people in the technetronic era will be totally controlled and via artificial intelligence (brain chipping) become post-human robots.

      He has worked on,
      • selling US infrastructure like harbours
      • outsourcing US jobs
      • giving the Panama Canal to the Chinese
      • selling illegal weapons to the Soviet, Iran, Iraq, Libya
      He nurtured the Taliban and Al Qaida and ignored Islamic fundamentalism.

      Advised by Zbigniew and his son, Ian, Obama is now encircling Russia and China, which has not been so cooperative as wanted by Zbigniew, with anti-ballistic missiles which can also be used to inactivate Russian and Chinese satellites, so as to hinder retaliation after a US first strike against the nuclear arsenals of those countries.

      Russia knows and is preparing for the possibility of having to deliver a preemptive attack – according to the chief of the Russian Joint Staff, Yuri Baluyevsky. These considerations are probably being accentuated by the fact that Russia can hardly afford a fresh weapons race.

      However, Brzezinski does not believe in Russia’s capacity to strike!

      Who is Zbigniew Brzezinski?

      I have previously written about him and his vision for the world: “The Grand Chessboard”. Zbigniew Brzezinski has been called Obama’s Rasputin.

      Patrick Briley
      16 Sept. 2008
      The following is very weird – and one wonders that one man has had so much influence on world affairs. Much of it is confirmed by Wikipedia.

      Zbigniew Brzezinski is Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisor.

      Brzezinski was the national security advisor for President Carter from 1977 to 1981. In 1988 he endorsed HW Bush for President and was Co-Chair of the HW Bush national security advisory task force. From 1987 to 1989 he also served on the HW Bush’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright was a student of Brzezinski’s.

      GW Bush Secretary of State, Condi Rice (also a former national security advisor), who studied under Albright’s father, shares many of the same world government views with Brzezinski and Albright.
      Zbigniew Brzezinski is an advocate of socialist world government, a goal he has promoted as a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to “guide policy makers” and as a speaker at former Soviet Premier and Communist Mikhail Gorbachev’s first World Forum.

      This State of the World Forum had interesting partners. Brzezinski is an architect of creating regions of global governance from independent nations to achieve world government. The CSIS issues the North American Integration Monitor, which hopes for a North American Union (NAU).

      The proposals for global taxes by Obama have come with the recommendations of Zbigniew Brzezinski to pay for globalization and world government. Obama has proposed a global poverty tax in a US Senate bill.

      The Climate Change Control Bill strongly supported by Obama calls for an international governing regime to monitor and regulate carbon dioxide and “carbon footprints” from discovery, to production, to consumption at a cost of $50 trillion globally and at a cost of $8 trillion for US taxpayers, all to be paid for by a global tax, whose monies will be used to establish a world government body.

      Obama, Brzezinski and Al Gore have worked closely with Communist backed environmental fronts led by Gorbachev (proponent of Earth Charter, author of Manifesto for Earth), to promote the falsehood of significant global climate change due to manmade sources of greenhouse gases to scare the world and the US into paying such a global tax to “save the planet.”

      Obama’s longstanding ties with Communist, Marxist and Islamic terror mentors in the US have been well documented in the US and world press. What many do not know but need to know is that Zbigniew Brzezinski represents another one of these Islamic terror, socialistic, world government and Marxist mentors of Obama´s.
      Brzezinski openly praises Marxism in his book Between Two Ages published in 1970 – in which he describes man’s behavior and mind to be totally controlled, people having artificial intelligence (brain chipping) in a “technetronic” dictatorship. Incidentally Brzezenski’s father was an ambassador to Russia from Poland during Stalin’s reign and Zbigniew worked to protect and defend some East German intelligence agents of Stasi some of whose former members later worked to enable the 9/11 hijackers and other Islamic terrorists (Hamburg cell of Atta, Alshehhi and Jarrah – hardly correct).
      Brzezinski has dual US and Polish citizenship.
      Council on Foreign Relations member, Bilderberger, Zbigniew Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission (TC) with David Rockefeller in 1973 and was its first director.

      Brzezinski selected Jimmy Carter as a member while Carter was the governor of Georgia and before Carter became US President. TC is the primary organization managing the goals of globalization to achieve world government via manipulations of economies, politics and religions of nations around the world including the US.
      According to Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Brzezinski, as TC director, advocated, in a 1973 memo, establishing means for social control over the world populations by deliberate,
      “economic and political destabilization” so that later the debt leash could be used to “strangle a rebellious nation into submission (to global governance).”
      The TC, Rice and Brzezenski have actively promoted illegal immigration and non-enforcement of US immigration laws to advance the NAU (North American Union).

      They have promoted foreign control of the US by facilitating the sell off of US infrastructure and companies to foreign governments including those from the EU, China, Russia and Islamic terror nations.
      Brzezinski, Rice, the TC and their socialist friends have intentionally helped destabilize the US economy by devaluating the US dollar through the sending of US jobs overseas. They are trying to control the US energy economy via the Climate Change Control bills and to prevent US energy independence (which would stop the devaluation of the dollar) by calling for curtailing and drastically controlling production of oil.

      Zbigniew Brzezinski’s contrived leash is not limited just to money and capital; it includes controlling populations, and nations by controlling,
      • their jobs
      • their immigration
      • their food
      • their water
      • their energy
      • their politicians and governments
      • their religions
      The world government socialists like Brzezinski and Obama are promoting a “new order of religions,” an amalgamation of religions to unify and control populations and nations.

      They are including in their new order umbrella of religions Islamic aspirations for a world caliphate, Communitarianistic and New Age beliefs, the Gaia (“mother” Earth) religion of environmentalists exploited by the Communists, by Al Gore (the tree hugger) and by those who worship the created rather than the creator.
      Brzezinski worked with Republican globalists like Kissinger and US Senator Henry Bellmon (OK) to give the Panama Canal away ultimately for Communist Chinese control (Carter-Torrijos Treaties). Under Carter, Brzezinski was responsible for the severing of direct US recognition of Taiwan as an independent nation and recognizing only Communist China.
      As soon as Carter became President Brzezinski started to illegally manipulate the export control list to enable advanced US computer, military (guidance systems), energy (nuclear; coal, oil shale, tar sands conversion and synthetic fuels) technologies to be transferred and sold by US companies (such as Control Data, GE and Union Carbide) to the Soviet Union.

      On February 2, 1979, Brzezinski wrote a memo to Carter falsely claiming that Islamic fundamentalism was not an imminent threat and would not gain prominence in the Middle East.

      Brzezinski was the architect of the formation of US CIA and Saudi training and funding for the Afghan mujaheddin network, some of which would later form the Taliban and would shelter Al Qaeda terrorists camps.

      Brzezinski, along with Clinton’s NSC advisor Anthony Lake, John McCain, Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich, was a proponent of using the Saudis and CIA to directly fund the AlQaeda and Iranian arming and training in and outside the US of Islamic terrorists from Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia to kick out the Serbs and Croats.

      Some of these same terrorists became the 9/11 hijackers?? Carter and Bzezinski are and have been “diplomats at large” along with Boren for Hamas terrorists in the Middle East and US as reflected in Obama’s pro-Islamic foreign policies.

      Zeit Kritiker: Brzezinski is Obama’s puppeteer
      Even during the tenure of G.W. Bush, Brzezinski took over key sectors of the U.S. government.

      Since then, the danger of a confrontation between the United States with Russia, China, Sudan, Pakistan and more recently with Iran and Yemen has highly increased. The aggression of the U.S. toward Iran, ultimately aims at a confrontation with Russia and China.

      “The Grand Chessboard” dissipates any doubt: The US is to dominate all Eurasia. Then American high finance would in effect be in control of 70 percent of the oil and gas reserves – in order to secure American primacy for a long time. With Obama as a puppet of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller see this goal within reach.
      Moscow is well aware of this situation, the fear of Brzezinski’s finger on the nuclear button does not leave Russia inactive: The Chief of the Russian General Staff, Yury Baluyevsky announced in January 2008,
      “Russia would revise its nuclear doctrine, so that a nuclear first strike in certain situations would be possible.”
      (WG Tarpley, Barack Obama – How a U.S. President is Made p. 166).
      Brzezinski and his followers are so obsessed with America as the sole superpower that they are willing to take the risk of World War III. That should be clear to everyone.

      Brzezinski – A Geostrategy for Eurasia
      Foreign Affairs
      September/October 1997
      A power that dominated Eurasia would exercise decisive influence over two of the world’s three most economically productive regions.

      A glance at the map also suggests that a country dominant in Eurasia would almost automatically control the Middle East and Africa. With Eurasia now serving as the decisive geopolitical chessboard.
      Brzezinski wants understanding with China – and wants to weaken Russia by splitting her into 3 republics.
      Any expansion of Europe’s political scope is automatically an expansion of U.S. influence. America must be careful not to alienate Turkey. America should use its influence in Europe to encourage Turkey’s eventual admission to the EU.

      In addition, it is not in America’s interest to perpetuate U.S.-Iranian hostility.

      The core of the new transcontinental security framework could be a standing committee composed of the major Eurasian powers, with America, Europe, China, Japan, a confederated Russia, and India collectively addressing critical issues for Eurasia’s stability.

      Comment: This is the idea of the Trilateral Commission founded by Brzezinski and David Rockefeller

      Brzezinski’s legacy

      Brzezinski told Polish Radio (26 Jan. 2009) that there are no other options than aggression when dealing with Moscow, speaking of the anti-missile shield.

      Global Research
      3 February 2010
      With or without Brzezinski’s advise, Obama is now provoking both Russia, China and Iran by sale of of sophisticated ground-to-air missiles to Poland, various weaponry for Taiwan and anti-missile defense systems to 4 Gulf States.

      A fresh provocation against Russia was reported on 5 February by the EUObserver: The US will set up its anti missile shield (against Iran?) in Romania and in the Black Sea.

      Global Res.
      5 Febr. 2010
      These same Army Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) systems are going to be deployed in Taiwan as the U.S. continues its military encirclement of China. U.S. PAC-3 systems have already been deployed in Japan and South Korea. News that the U.S. is about to deploy a PAC-3 missile battery in Poland led Russia’s ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, to recently state: “Do they really think that we will calmly watch the location of a rocket system, at a distance of 60 km from Kaliningrad?”
      The official authorization of Patriot transfers to Taiwan – the missiles are produced by Raytheon Company headquartered in Massachusetts, whose former vice president of Government Operations and Strategy William Lynn is now Obama’s Deputy Secretary of Defense – resulted in China’s vice foreign minister, He Yafei, saying
      “We believe this move endangers China’s national security.”
      The strategy is clear. Surround Russia and China with mobile “missile defense” systems whose job is to take out their retaliatory capability after a U.S. first-strike against their nuclear weapons.

      All this means one thing – an extended arms race with Russia and China which will mean huge profits for the weapons industry.

      And Brzezinski?

      Global Res.
      15 Aug. 2008
      Obama’s foreign policy team in addition to father Zbigniew Brzezinski, includes Brzezinski’s son, Ian Brzezinski, current US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Affairs.

      Ian Brzezinski is a devout backer of US missile defense policy, as well as Kosovo independence and NATO expansion into Ukraine and Georgia.

      Brzezinski’s big idea is the necessity for the USA to dominate the world.

      He will do so by means of his child, the Trilateral Commission’s, aim, i.e. fusioning a North American Union, which he is creating through the CSIS, the Union for the Mediterranean and an East Asian bloc, which is being constructed.

      US domination of Eurasia is a must. Therefore, US is now occupying the centre of the chessboard, Central Asia – at any cost, even World War III. And he might have it soon in case Russia and China are unable to participate in a new armament race.

      He underestimates Russia as a nuclear power capable of delivering a first strike catastrophically. Unauthorized Obama biographer, Webster Tarpley, says on this video that Brzezinski will spare Iran and use the US forces in a war against Russia!!

      Tarpley tells about Brzezinski admitting on French TV, that he lured the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan.

      Islamic fundamentalism as a threat to the world:
      “Nonsense” says Brzezinski.
      He is willing to use any means to provoke war with Russia, which he hates.


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  48. I’ve seen this coming for a long time, There a couple of us out there who haven’t been asleep. If we got together we might find a way to end the obama presidency.


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  50. I will never submit to islam. islam can go to hell. mohammed was a cunt


  51. You may recall that Obama WAS nominated by a Pakistani Legislator to BE “Caliph”, a position that can ONLY be held by a Muslim.


  52. See: Laity v NY, U.S. Supreme Court docket No.13-875 seeking the removal of Barack Obama from the Presidency and the invalidation of NY States Presidential Ballots of 2008 and 2012 on the Grounds that Obama has usurped the Presidency, by fraud and during time of war making Obama a SPY under the U.C.M.J. S906,A106 and a Traitor under 18U.S.C. Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381.


  53. >>> ” WE THE PEOPLE ” HAVE 3 HUGE EVENTS SCHEDULED WHICH WILL GIVE US THE CHANCE TO REMOVE obummer , biden , hairy rude , valerie jammit , ‘ nazi pelosivitch , eric ‘ witholder ‘ , ” hitlery ” clinton , john beener AND MANY OTHER TRAITORS IN THIS MIS-ADMINISTRATION .


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  56. one 44-40 magnum to the head will get rid of him quickly


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    You definitely understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    A lot more people must read this and understand this side of
    the story. I was surprised that you are not more popular given that you definitely possess the gift.


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    Keep writing!


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  106. It is just so hard to imagine that there are people out there as stupid as you are.

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