The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is our eternity clause and rights to resist: As rights are our guarantee (final stand) to protect freedom

German girl

This German girl, her family and fellow citizens are defenseless. They have lost all their rights, fraudulently taken from them by “political and legal elites” in Berlin and Karlsruhe, an oligarchy of dictators that are traitorously violating and alienating the Federal Republic of Germany’s Basic Law (Grundgesetz), Germany’s highest law thought of by these “elites” to be only ink on paper, i.e., to be read, but not enforced.

There are many evil politicians and judges (“public authorities”) today telling us that an eternity clause does not serve the people, that “it hinders rather than protects.” They say an eternity clause is an “entrenchment clause that makes change difficult in a changing world.” Well, they are lying to you!

An eternity clause is to protect you by preserving freedom. Obama wants your guns so he and his friends can enslave you at whim. What he says is “gun control” is to control you, not guns.


This sign was confiscated by the police. Europe’s “leaders” (“elites”) love Obama and they are doing everything they can to facilitate Obama’s “CHANGE” in U.S.A.

The following is a comment written by someone named Benjamin Riches, who with his British spelling of the word “realise” most probably lives in the United Kingdom (U.K.) where the citizenry has already been deprived of their guns. Many people in the U.K. are in fact jealous of the freedom we have in U.S.A. and are with Obama now attempting to enslave us all. (“Misery loves company.”) What Benjamin Riches failed to write in his comment (below) is that the British do not even have a constitution. Instead, they are the subects of their own rich “political and legal elites,” including their “queen”. Benjamin Riches wrote:

“You guys realise the constitution was written over 200 years ago. It’s 2013, times have changed and your constitution appears to do more harm than good to the people of your country.”

The following was my response:

“Benjamin, the Second Amendment is the eternity clause, and is in fact a human right to guarantee our freedom for all time. If by ‘change’ you mean to eliminate freedom, then you misinterpret our Second Amendment. Germany has an eternity clause in its Basic Law (Article 79 para. 3), but the ‘political and legal elites‘ in Germany defraud the people—violating the eternity clause entirely. In fact these “elites” are using the same claim that you are — that an eternity clause hinders ‘change‘. Not so! The fact is that there is a conspiracy in Germany to willfully violate Germany’s Basic Law: The three branches of government in the Federal Republic of Germany are conspiring with each other against Germany’s highest laws—violating and alienating all of the basic rights (human rights) that were established by the Parliamentary Council (Parlamentarische Rat) in 1949. There’s no freedom in Germany today — the country is in fact ruled by an oligarchy of ‘elites’ (all friends) that appoint one another to positions of ‘authority‘ to protect themselves from accountability. It was in fact Hitler that first took all the guns away from the German citizenry, and the ‘elites‘ in Germany today are continuing with Hitler’s confiscation of guns.”

Basic rights and other basic principles that have been laid down in democratically established constitutions and basic laws can only be restricted in accordance with the democratic rule of law, i.e., only with the authority of the people. All state authority emanates from the people, therefore, all “laws” (legislation) and court “decisions” that override (affect the essence of a right or rights) established in constitutions and basic laws are in fact void. And any government that implements laws that are void is an illegitimate government.

Our Second Amendment rights to “bear arms” (as all our other rights) are God given rights (human rights) to protect ourselves and our nation from a wayward illegitimate government. Arrogant members of parliament (legislature), judges (judiciary), president and police (executive) are our worse enemy, i.e., the three branches of government stealthily attacking from within. The American People would not give up their rights to defend themselves against tyranny unless  they were lied to (were defrauded) which is exactly what happened to Germans in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) in 1968 when the “political elites” inserted paragraph 4 into Article 20 of the FRG’s Basic Law (Grundgesetz–GG) along with other unlawful “supplements” (unlawfully amending the Basic Law) used to override the eternity clause (Article 79 paragraph 3 GG), Article 1 GG, Article 20 GG, and many other rights intended by the Parliamentary Council to protect freedom and the Sovereignty of the People. In practice paragraph (4) and other “supplements” that were simultaneously added have eliminated the democratic rule of law—eliminating human rights and the Sovereignty of the People.

NOTE: A “supplement” intended to override (or block) the law is in fact a false “amendment” of the law because in practice it wrongfully affects the law and life. In paragraph 4 (inserted into Article 20 GG) the “elites” claim that they have granted a new “right,” but in fact they have supplanted “this Basic Law” entirely with their dictatorial regime which they have specifically labeled in paragraph 4 as this order,” displacing “the constitutional order” of Article 20 paragraph 3 GG. And this order” includes all the additional “supplements” that these “elites” use to override “this Basic Law” defined by the eternity clause. In other words this order” is used to entirely eliminate “the constitutional order of this Basic Law” and is presented to the German people under the disguise of an additional “right” — a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Paragraph 4 reads as follows:

(4) Gegen jeden, der es unternimmt, diese Ordnung zu beseitigen, haben alle Deutschen das Recht zum Widerstand, wenn andere Abhilfe nicht möglich ist.

NOTE: Paragraph 4 does not refer to “the constitutional order” that is written in Article 20 paragraph 3 GG, and claims to give every German the “right” to fight a wayward government, i.e., a “right” to resist. But Germans had already been deprived of guns by Hitler and the “elites” today continue to confiscate guns.

Article 20 paragraph 3 GG reads as follows:

Artikel 20 Deutsches Grundgesetz                                                                           (3) Die Gesetzgebung ist an die verfassungsmäßige Ordnung, die vollziehende Gewalt und die Rechtsprechung sind an Gesetz und Recht gebunden.

Obama knows the true purpose of the Second Amendment. He knows full and well that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to repel tyranny, (i.e., to resist tyranny), and instead of acknowledging the purpose of the Amendment he now deliberately points to “America’s hunting and shooting tradition,” which he says is also a part of the tradition at Camp David, the presidential retreat. He says, “Up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time.” Obama knows well that the vast majority of gun owners do not own a gun to “do skeet shooting.” In fact most American gun owners do not go “hunting”. Obama, by pointing to “hunting” and “skeet shooting” is in fact attempting to deceive (to defraud) the American people. Obama knows why there are so many Americans who are very strongly opposed to “gun control,” (i.e., an attempt eliminate freedom), but he is deceiving many other Americans with a baited hook—claiming to be one of us by “skeet shooting up at Camp David.” Obama is a wolf in sheeps’ clothing.

NOTE: Truth is not necessarily what you believe and cannot be conformed to your opinion. Truth exists in and of itself outside your knowledge and opinion, and is a consistent pattern of facts. Without consistent truth you have nothing to rely on. You can be told ninety-nine truths and then one lie, all with the intent to deceive you. And in fact that one lie (after gaining your trust) can kill you. Anything said with the intent to lie… is a pattern of deception.


Baited hooks

Obama is in fact conspiring in a traitorous movement to violate and alienate the entire U.S. Constitution — a conspiracy stealthily attacking the American people from within. This is also why Obama’s wife, Michelle, is appearing on TV (even at the Oscars) attempting to put a humorous friendly face on what is in fact a monster. After two more years of lies, they will invite all Americans to vote for a constitutional amendment to “restrict,” (i.e., in fact to eliminate), our present constitutional rights to bear arms under the Second Amendment. If this happens it will be because of fraud committed against the American people, because we will have lost our freedom based solely on their deception.

An eternity clause is usually established in a constitution or basic law as a final protection against those that would eliminate freedom, either entirely or with calculated restrictions. An eternity clause, if enforced, is to block all would be despots from unlawfully taking your rights. The right to bear arms in U.S.A. is not a privilege, but a right to resist attempts by dictators to usurp Sovereignty.  And your rights do not require a license. Obama now wants background checks, not to control guns, but to disarm the citizenry, and what he is doing is betraying (defrauding) the American  people by claiming that he is protecting them, i.e., in what he calls “security”. That is what has been happening in Germany in the name of the false “emergency laws”. And that is why these “emergency laws” were fraudulently “legislated”—claiming them to be protective measures when in fact they are used to eliminate freedom—arrogantly violating and alienating Article 79 paragraph 3 GG,  Article 1 GG, Article 20 GG and all other basic rights established by the Parliamentary Council (Parliamentarische Rat) in 1949. This is also why the police show up at peaceful protests with their guns and sticks and start beating people. It is they who start violence at peaceful protests. They do not want people to protest so they intimidate with violence and false arrests.

NOTE: The Federal Republic of Germany’s Parliament (Bundestag) stealthily defrauded the people of Germany when “legislating” these “emergency laws” and  then the Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht), without deciding whether or not the “legislation” of these “laws” was lawful, endorsed the “legislation”. As a result, Germany is today not only a police state, but ruled entirely by an oligarchy of “elites” (a dictatorship), i.e., political parties claiming to be different parties, the three branches (organs) claiming to be “separate,” but in fact all are conspiring against the German people and human rights.

The “emergency laws” used in Germany are the same that were used in Tunesia, Egypt, Lybia, and Syria, and elsewhere, and are why the civil war is continuing in Syria today. These “emergency laws” in fact do not protect, but enslave. And these “emergency laws” are used daily in Germany for everything: Whenever the police choose (at their whim) they can arrest you and deprive you of your rights to be heard by a judge in a court of law, i.e., deprive you of due process and of rights to legal recourse in a court of law. And the police have their guns.

Without legal recourse you have no way to defend your other rights. Similarly, without a gun you have no way to defend your rights. Germany’s citizenry has already been deprived of its guns. This was initiated by Hitler and has been continued by the “elites”.

Rights to legal recourse have been eliminated in Germany by false “legislation,” i.e., by “legislation” which falsely (fraudulently) “amended” this Basic Law and continues with the “legislation” of numerous other laws intended to violate and alienate all the human rights. What is interesting is that the German citizens were first deprived of their guns, and then their rights, not the other way around. And what is also interesting is that it is the Basic Law of the FRG that established the Bundestag and Bundesverfassungsgericht in 1949 and that these members of parliament, federal judges and police officers are willfully violating the very document (authority) that established their offices, i.e., violating their oaths.

In fact all of the human rights established in Germany’s Basic Law, in the Treaty of Lisbon Charter of Human Rights of the European Union and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights are considered by the “political and legal elites” in Germany to be only ink on paper. Thousands upon thousands of German citizens and numerous others living in Germany are being denied their rights to legal recourse against the public authorities“.

In fact German “elites” have unlawfully “legislated” their own Guantanamo Bay in Germany—stealthily imprisoning an entire nation of German citizens and many others living in Germany. This oligarchy of “elites” is a group of friends that appoint one another to positions of “authority” to protect themselves from accountability.

NOTE: Benamin Riches (as seen in his comment and on his Facebook page) says that our U.S. Constitution is old and needs to be changed. What he may or may not know is that it is because our Constitution is difficult to change that we still have much of our freedom in U.S.A. In contrast, Germany’s Basic Law has been “changed” over 65 times since 1949, and many of the “changes” are in fact not “changes,” but unlawful. It is possible to still read the “human rights” written there, but they are not enforced, because Article 79 paragraph (3), Article 1 and Article 20 are not enforced. Instead, fraudulent paragraphs and sentences have been inserted into this Basic Law to supplant this Basic Law—using illegitimate “law” against the German people—committing fraud that most Germans are not aware of, not until they try to apply their rights and are then denied their rights.


Our rights are embedded in our United States Constitution and are intended without ecceptions or restrictions to protect freedom, including our right to bear arms.

And the German people are in fact being unlawfully denied a constitution, (still under a temporary Basic Law), because the “political and legal elites” want to retain the corrupted “Basic Law” that they have created—exercising illegitimate “law”. These “elites” are all illegitimate traitorous Germans that are stealthily betraying the German people and other peoples within the European Union.

NOTE: The British and the Germans today, do not have a constitution. And that is because many “political and legal elites” really do not want the people to be sovereign. And for other peoples (nations) that do presently have a constitution, they must beware, there is an international conspiracy of tyranny, a conspiracy that does not serve and protect, but uses, abuses and enslaves.

Most Americans are very different from the people in Europe. The United States of America is in fact a young nation that fought against the British to secure their freedom. The people in the United Kingdom today and throughout Europe, with possibly the exception of the French, have been controlled for thousands of years. It is not so in the U.S.A., Americans have a constitution that has been, for the most part, enforced (with the exception of Roe v. Wade), and if our courts would act separately from the executive and legislative branches we would be safe. But as history has proven this does not always happen.

UPDATE: The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday February 26thin a claimed to  strike down the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, claiming that no one can quest court of law the legitimacy of the government violating your privacy. This, my fellow Americans, is a wayward U.S. Supreme Court.

Der Preuáische Justizminister Hans Kerrl bei einem Besuch im Referendarlager in Jterbog.

The Prussian Minister of Justice, Hanns Kerrl (middle), is seen here chuckling as the § (the symbol to denote German legal articles) is hung from the gallows. This shows the general and very gross disrespect that even the judiciary had for the constitutional state. Kerrl’s office was abolished in the dissolution of the Prussian state parliament in 1934. He then became the Reich Minister of Church Affairs under Hitler.

Everyone, the United States of America is a constitutional republic, i.e., where the law has been established to protect all minorities and individuals from mob rule. Americans, do not live under mob rule nor under the snob rule of “elites”. Yes, constitutions can be amended, but only amended in accordance with the law, of which the U.S. Constitution is the highest  — law that binds the executive, legislative and judiciary branches.  For a president, member of parliament or judge to act contrary to the rights that are established in our U.S. Constitution by enacting or endorsing congressional “legislation” that infringes on our rights is in fact a willful violation of the law. We live in a country ruled by law and that law binds our employees, i.e., binds our public authorities.  They are to serve us. Only amendments of our Constitution made in accordance with the law are lawful. Any attempt to infringe on our Constitutional rights with “legislation,” or for a court to endorse such “legislation,” (i.e., without first lawfully amending our Constitution),  is a willful and arrogant violation of the law.


John Adams

“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.” — John Adams

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  1. Very well written, this march towards tyranny becomes more and more disturbing. I really dont know what recourses we have. My only hope is that with the internet people are finally realizing these governments and giant corporations are working to destroy the average person, whether skilled or unskilled workers, or small businesses.


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