Why do the Saudi Arabian men wear white and their women black?

Are they smiling? Who knows? Evidently they know how to cook!

If you have ever been on the Arabian Peninsula you will know that the men wear white and their women black. I say “their women” because women are in fact treated as a man’s property — without equal rights. So why do the Arab men wear white and their women black? I’m going to cut to the chase (get to the point) and give you the answer immediate. Here is the answer:

The women in Islamic states are very afraid of Sharia law, because most of Sharia (all written by men) deals with the subjugation and punishment of “their women,” i.e., gives the Muslim men the means to punish “their women” even when the women are innocent. Therefore, the women in Islamic states try very hard to not anger the Muslim men. Once a woman is accused in an Islamic state she is in VERY BIG TROUBLE !!!

EXAMPLE: Mohammad had a new wife (Mary, a Coptic Christian) — he had captured her and was with her having sex in another wife’s bedroom (he had a room and night for each wife) — the old wife walked in and caught him having sex with Mary — she got all upset and organized Mohammad’s harem to not sleep with him. Word then got around town that Mohammad was having trouble at home with all his women, so he suddenly got this verse which says, “O Consorts of the Prophet! If any of you were guilty of evident unseemly conduct, the Punishment would be doubled to her, and that is easy for Allah.(al Ahzab 33:30) After Mohammad told everyone his new verse, his wives immediately cried, repented, and no longer complained.


Islam in Indonesia: Not permitted to complain.

EXAMPLE: Mohammad visits his adoptive son, Zaid ibn Haritha, and sees Zaid’s pretty young wife, Zaynab bint Jash. Mohammad forces Zaid to divorce his wife and Mohammad takes her for his wife. There are many women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today who are divorced, because the men have replaced them with younger wives. One man in Saudi Arabia claims to have had 56 wives (at the time of his claim he was 56 years old), because he always has four, divorces one each year and adds a new wife. He claims that the best wife is 15 years old. Mohammad had numerous wives, but the Qur’an and Sharia permits four wives, so the man who claimed to have had 56 wives had divorced numerous wives. In Sharia law a man only has to say “I divorce you” three times and she is divorced from him.

NOTE: Muslim scholar and statesman Ali Dashti gives the following list of the women that were in Mohammad’s life. The first 16 were wives. Numbers 17 and 18 were slaves or concubines. And this list does not account for the captive women Mohammad may have raped during his raids.

1. Khadija 12. Hend
2. Sawda 13. Asma (of Saba)
3. Aesha 14. Zaynab (of Khozayma)
4. Omm Salama 15. Habla
5. Halsa 16. Asma (of Noman)
6. Zaynab (of Jahsh) 17. Mary (the Christian)
7. Jowayriyi 18. Rayhana
8. Omm Habiba 19. Omm Sharik
9. Safiya 20. Maymuna
10. Maymuna (of Hareth) 21. Zaynab (a third one)
11. Fatema 22. Khawla

EXAMPLE: Mohammad had a dream two nights in a row of him marrying a six year old girl (Aesha), and she was according to Muslim scholars very imp0rtant in the development of Sharia law. One time Mohammad was going on a raid and he took Aisha with him. They were in a caravan going along in the desert and she has to use a toilet, so she slips quietly off the camel without telling anybody (there was a canopy over her, so nobody saw her disappear). When she comes back over the sand dune, the caravan is gone, and so a man straggling way behind on a donkey picks her up and takes her back to Mohammad. The Muslim men who saw the man bringing Aisha back to Mohammad said, “He must have raped her in the desert when he found her.” The little girl said, “He didn’t rape me.” So Mohammad made a decision. He said, “There have to be four witnesses, otherwise the rape never happened.” Mohammad’s decision became law in Islam, and is part of Sharia law today.

Sharia law says that there must be two women to testify against one man. That means it would take eight women to testify that there was a rape, otherwise it “never happened.” Then you add to that — that a kafir (infidel), Jew or Christian cannot testify in Sharia law courts against a Muslim (they have no standing). And then you add — that even though it has been proven that the woman was raped, it’s the woman who gets whipped a hundred times “for allowing herself to be used as a tool of Satan to tempt the man.” That is why on the Arabian Peninsula the women wear black burqas, i.e., to look unattractive on purpose, especially to the “religious police” roam the streets looking for women to victimize.

NOTE: In pre-Islamic times, (prior to the 8th century) Allah was the moon-god idol (a masculine god), his wife was the sun-god idol (a feminine god) and they had three daughters (all goddesses). This is the topic of Salman Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses. What’s interesting is that a verse in the Qur’an (Surah 18:86) subjugates Allah’s wife by claiming that she sets in a black sea or mud puddle. Obviously, the sun does not set in a black sea or mud puddle so we can only conclude that this qur’anic verse is intended to criticize (subjugate) Allah’s wife i.e., a claim that Arab men are greater than women. Obviously, this is more evidence that the Qur’an was only written by dictatorial Arab men.


If you want to read further, you may.

The Qur’an says to Muslim men “Marry the women of your choice, two, three or four.” (Surah An-Niza 4:3) The Qur’an does not even give a man the option of one wife. They are to marry “two, three or four.” Mohammad had numerous wives (more than “four”) and permitted his men to rape women they captured.

NOTE: The Qur’an and Sharia law do NOT permit a woman any options, nor are they permitted to choose the man they marry: They are FORCED into marriage. The Qur’an says there is “no compulsion in Islam,” but Islam lies from the onset. A woman who opposes marriage to a Muslim man is going to suffer.

This is what Muslims did to a Muslim woman who didn't want to marry a Muslim!

Four Muslim men stripped this woman, tied her hands behind her back, stretched her out on this bench and bled her to death — like preparing a halal meal.

The women on the Arabian Peninsula wear black because they try very hard to not be noticed by the “religious police”. Obviously the Arab men have taken white as the man’s (masculine) color and “their women” are to only wear white when they are executed, dead and buried. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when a woman is beheaded she is dressed in white.

Ibn ‘Abbaas said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Wear white clothes, for they are the best of your clothes, and shroud your dead in them.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 994, hasan saheeh. This is what the scholars regarded as mustahabb. Also narrated by Abu Dawood, 4061; Ibn Maajah, 1472

NOTE: The word “mustahabb” means “recommended” and “rewarded”.

Dressed in white for execution.

Dressed in white for her beheading.

So, if white is “recommended” and Muslims are “rewarded” for wearing white, why do all the women in Saudi Arabia wear black? Are they not to be rewarded unless executed? In fact Arab women love color, but are afraid to wear a color or white in public, for fear of being noticed by the religious police. Why black? Black is not even a color: Black is the absence of color. The women wear black out of their fear of being accused — once accused there is little hope of survival, because the men congregate like flies to watch the beheading of a woman.

NOTE: Do not be fooled: Arab women will tell you that black is their favored “color” because “it is in fashion.” Not so. Underneath all those black burqas they are covered in color. They all want color, not the absence of color.

“It is haraam for women to imitate men and men to imitate women in the way they dress, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) cursed the men who imitate women and the women who imitate men.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5546.

NOTE: The word “haraam” means “sinful”. The narration above starts with “It is haraam (sinful) for women to imitate men…” and then with “and men to imitate women.” This hadith above first instructs the women to not imitate men. So, because the men are wearing white and some color, the women cannot.

NOTE: Mohammad’s favorite color was yellow.

And why do Arab men not dress as we (westerners) do? The answer is apparently again from the narrations of Islamic “scholars”—claiming to quote Mohammad:

Narrated by Muslim, 2077. It is haraam (sinful) to imitate the mushrikeen and kuffaar in their manner of dress, so it is not permissible to wear clothing that is unique to the kuffaar. It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saw ‘Ali wearing two garments dyed with safflower and said: “These are garments of the kuffaar; do not wear them.” 

NOTE: “Mushrikeen and kuffaars” are “unbelievers” and obviously Muslims are told it is “haraam” (“sinful”) to imitate (to copy) “unbelievers,” not only in their manner of dress, but in any manner, whatsoever. This is why the Arab men do not wear shoes, but sandals. It is also why the “religious police” in Saudi Arabia prohibit the sale of dogs and cats for pets, why the Taliban forbids the use of cameras and playing football, and why the Somali women are beaten if they are caught wearing a bra. In other words anyone that copies a non-Muslim in any way is an apostate, because he or she is then an “unbeliever”.

Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar, Book 27, number 4020. “The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He who copies any people is one of them.”

Qur’an 4:80: “Whoso obeyeth the Messenger obeyeth Allah.”

And it is very dangerous in Islamic countries, especially for the women, because according to Sharia law all apostates are to be sentenced to death. If you are disliked you will be accused and once you are accused your innocence or guilt depends entirely on who you know, not justice — which is what happened to seventeen-year-old Rizana Nafeek from Sri Lanka when the sister of a tribal leader in Saudi Arabia accused her of murdering her four-month-old baby. Rizana was immediately arrested and imprisoned, refused legal assistance, and seven years later beheaded. She was not proven guilty of a crime.


If you are a woman STAY AWAY from this place — as far as possible !!!

And in fact Saudi men copy “unbelievers” everyday when they drive a car. All cars originate from, are designed by, produced by, and driven by “unbelievers”. But it is the Saud family (the ruling family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) that sets the tone (hypocrisy) and the men therefore drive their cars in Saudi Arabia without fear of being held accountable by the “religious police,” all of which are men driving cars. Apparently, Saudi men are the only Muslims in Saudi Arabia allowed to commit “haraam,” i.e., allowed to sin.


American Corvette in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

It is very clear from the Islamic laws (Sharia law) that the women in Islamic countries are subjugated (enslaved): Reduced to objects that are owned by men. In Saudi Arabia women are not even allowed to drive.

Although light colors are more suitable for the hot climate, black is what the “religious police” expect all the women to wear, and the women are therefore very afraid to wear color in public — so as to not draw the unwanted attention of the “religious police” known as “muttawah” the women wear black. Muslim men in Saudi Arabia also expect their women to wear black in public because of what is written in a hadith — written by men of course:

Abu Dawood Book 32, Hadith # 4090. Narrated Umm Salamah, Ummul Mu’minin (Radhiallaahu anha): “When the verse ‘That they should cast their outer garments over their persons’ was revealed, the women of Ansar came out as if they had crows over their heads…”

Another reason why the ruling family (Saud family) and “religious police” want their women to wear black and the men to wear white is to discourage diversity and individualism. The Saudi “authorities” think individualism is a threat to the Saud family, therefore, the emphasis is on conformity, especially for women. If a person starts projecting individuality it is interpreted as a loss of control.

They all look the same.

One Saudi woman has written:

“It’s not really about modesty. They just want us to stay in our cubbies and belong to them. It’s about power and control.”

The “recommended” and “rewarded” white obviously only became the tradition for Saudi men and black for women to hide from Sharia law — law intended to make women as much a non-entity as possible.

In other words, the Saudi women are only used to procreate (a woman who does not have four or five children is frowned upon) and it is for this reason that their women are not allowed to leave the country without permission from a man. The “religious police” even send a text message (SMS) to a husband or brother if one of his wives or sisters is at the airport waiting for a flight. Obviously, their women have been attempting to escape from their misery, i.e., attempting to escape from the world’s largest women’s prison.


Mohammad funded his military campaigns by selling captive women.

Most Muslim men are not romantic.

Men who have more than one wife do not love their wives.

This post is in progress. Please check back for additional content.

49 responses to “Why do the Saudi Arabian men wear white and their women black?

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  5. All that is written here is in fact not true of Islam. I do not know much about people living in Saudi Arabia, but I am Muslim and I certainly know Islam very well. The religion Islam is all about being kind-hearted, responsible, and respectful. And certainly, not engaging in any sexual activity with anyone other than your husband / wife.
    Men wear white “dress” because Prophet Muhammad (sav) used to wear it during his lifetime; and following through his footsteps, brings many rewards to the person. Women cover up and wear all black so that their skin and body figure will not be revealed to other men, not because they are considered to be an object. Islam encourages men to be very courteous, caring and loving to their life partner at all times. Also, another point to bring up, Islam does not encourage men to marry 4 times. But people use Islam to their advantage and they make up all this “un-true” or false statements to justify their actions, but Allah (cc) sees it all…!
    So, do not believe everything you hear, do some research first….


    • do u no wt forget all these jelious twats.they’ve gt nthing beter to do den bitch abwt Islam,god knows wer they’ve researched der made up facts from lol!!islam is da fastest growing religion,evry day thousands convert,so ask urslf haters why do ur ppl turn our way to Islam haha??


      • “do u no wt forget all these jelious twats.they’ve gt nthing beter to do den bitch abwt Islam,god knows wer they’ve researched der made up facts from lol!!islam is da fastest growing religion,evry day thousands convert,so ask urslf haters why do ur ppl turn our way to Islam haha??”

        Next time learn how to spell correctly and form proper sentences. From your comment I can immediately tell you are not very educated in much in life other than being a sheep and spewing the same b.s. as others like you. Regarding Islam being the fastest growing religion…What does that have to do with ANYTHING? If everyone jumped off the bridge you would do it too because everyone else is doing it? Get your head out of your ass man! I was born into the religion and practiced it for a while. Then I started researching more and more and found many things that troubled me about the religion. Then I started researching other religions. Until you do your due diligence and educate yourself about the facts and learn about other faiths then do humanity a favor and keep your idiotic opinions to yourself. Salam-wa-lakum.


  6. Many Muslims will tell you what the Muslim woman above has written, but the facts reveal the opposite. Yes, do your “research”. You can start your research with:


  7. LMFAO. First of all, regarding the first Hadeeth, I didn’t see any specification to the male gender, so your point is invalid and regarding the second Hadeeth, the Prophet was telling people that it is forbidden to cross-dress. But beyond that, I stopped reading because I feel like I would end up getting more stupid if do go on.

    We have a saying in Arabic that is translated to, you are to whoever you love a mime, as in you copy everything they do. We love our beloved Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, and we prefer copying him in everything he does, including the way he dressed. But the Prophet did not command us to do so. (By the way, I’ve never worn a white dress as it is not a part of my culture and so I never got used to wearing it as I grew up.) And regarding the Females wearing black, that too isn’t a command. It’s something rather traditional and custom to the Gulf people so for example if you look at Muslim Women in Egypt for example, you’d find alot wear other colours than black and those in France mostly wear white, so you really haven’t even made one valid point. In Islam, a woman is asked not to wear flashy clothes and to cover her hair fullstop. Anything beyond that is pure tradition.

    Please, educate yourself.


    • I did not write that Muslim women are to wear black. Mohammad did not prohibit women from wearing colors. The women wearing black in Saudi Arabia is only because a woman wearing white in public in Saudi Arabia is frowned upon by the Saudi men, especially the “religious police”.


    • Addo, you should have read the entire article — I did not write that the hadith says Mohammad commanded anyone to wear white or black. I also was not referring to women in Egypt, which is not on the Arabian Peninsula. Muslims wear different colors in other parts of the world, but the women on the Arabian Peninsula (where Islam originated) wear black.


  8. The author of this article obviously has never been to any Arab country. Such a lie is written here. Go and see how Arab women are treated! They are like a queens. I am saying it as a foreigner living in uae and traveling to Saudi Arabia from time to time.
    For you to know husbands provide everything they want for wifes! Arab woman will never allow anyone to ‘hit on her’ on the street. She will never curry a heavy bag. She will never strive to earn money for family because a husband must do it in Islam. Is Arab women works – husband has no rights to take a single cent from her money. They are covering outside, but at homes with families and girlfriends they are more stylish then you are. They cover to protect them self from eyes of other men and women as Islam teaches. It is for protection – not for oppression. They consider disrespectful to show their bodies to all people around them like western women do.
    FYI – absence of colors is white, not black. Black is actually mix of all colours.
    Death punishment happens very rare because by sharia there have to be four eye witnesses to prove the crime. And it is only for the worst crime like killing or raping, not for any mistake.
    Author, do research before writing. Shame on you to make such a statements about people with zero knowledge about them.


    • Actually, the author of this article (me) has been to Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, as well as many other Muslim states (Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Malaysia — oh and Lebanon). I in fact lived in Iran for a number of years. So, you are in fact wrong: Not only have I lived amongst Muslims, but I do my research. As for your understanding of “black”. It is not the mix of all colors. Black is the absence of color because it is the absence of light. White is all colors. Have you never seen light passing through a prism making the colors of the rainbow?


    • I live in Europe and 90% of the covered up Muslim women I feel blessed they are covered since they are really ugly and fat. Nevertheless, they are twice better to look at than the Muslim men who are brutally disgusting looking. A friend of mine, who teaches Islamic studies in London, told me that the real reason Muslim men treat their women so bad is because Islam has the highest percentage of homosexuality than any other religion in the world!


      • lol u stupid uneducated fool lmao!!what have your intelligent wise parents taught you apart from sex at a early stage lol


  9. Salaam Malaikum

    You say the men treat women as “their property” however this is untrue , i do not know which muslims or Arabs you have interacted with but i do know that the Quran teaches that men and women are equal. Women play a much bigger role in Islam than most people would imagine.

    Now that issue has been corrected , i will address your question as to why men wear white and women wear black. Nowhere in the Quran does it say that Muslim women have to wear black. Neither is there any Hadith that says this. The most required quality in the dress of the Muslim woman is that it should be large and thick enough to cover her complete body. It should also be modest and should not be similar to men’s dress. The colour or the quality of the dress does not have any importance as long as this dress meets all the above conditions.

    You are correct however with the Hadith you mentioned above , The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Wear white. It is the best. You ought to wear white clothes in life and bury your dead in a shroud made of white cloth.” [Tirmidhi]

    The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) used to wear white clothes. [Sahih Bukhari] He not only liked white for himself, but also directed the male members of his Ummah to wear white.

    To summerise that men can wear any colour they wish but they choose to wear white because it is what The Prophet Muhammad PBUH wore. As Muslims we strive to be like him so it makes sense to wear white like him.

    Now you say because men are wearing white that means women cannot. this is not true. Again there is no verse in the Quran or a Hadith that states women cannot wear white. There is however a Hadith that you quoted which says “It is haraam for women to imitate men and men to imitate women in the way they dress…” This means that The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that cross dressing is haraam. Women are forbidden to wear mens clothes and men are forbidden to wear womens clothes.

    So you may ask , if it does not say in Islam that women have to wear black why do they wear black in Saudi Arabia as it is such a hot country? The answer simply is culture. It is a popular tradition in Saudi Arabian culture for women to wear black. To clarify ISLAM DOES NOT STATE WOMEN HAVE TO WEAR BLACK , IT IS A CULTURAL TRADITION.


  10. Abdullateef Waduudah

    subhannallah! this writer is bias. whosoever yu are, yu ddnt write ds wth an open mind. saudi women are protected not that they are kept to be owned as a property. moreso it is not a must for them to wear black. they can choose any other colour once its not flashy. so if they av been wearin black since centuries then they like it. its not because our beloved prophet commanded dem to lways wear it compulsorily. read nd search for knowledge and do not mislead the public simply bcos being alike in dia dressing annoys yu


  11. Eunice McClaine

    Though I don’t know much about Islam, I’m writing this on the basis of what I read in newspapers, watch at television…It’s okay if women cover themselves from head to toe so as to save themselves from men’s hungry eyes. But, then, aren’t Islamic men loving and caring, why would they see some other woman that way.. All you guys need to do is to change your mindsets. A men wears whatever he wishes to but a women has to dress up in black all day long in such a heat! In western countries women do wear short clothes, but, the men are civilized enough to not look at a woman that way. I think the head to toe overalls in black are for men’s advantage. And, again, poor women never protest!


    • Hi Eunice, you should never base knowledge on what you read in newspapers and watch on TV. Everyone covers, muslim women cover to a higher degree because God commands us to do so in the Quran. That’s enough of a reason for us.

      Do you think a man benefits more from a woman in a bikini or a woman in a burka? Common think about it.

      As for muslim men? Look at the Saudi men, they are literally covered from head to toe, but people always concentrate on the women.

      Peace :)


      • love what you’ve stated!men in Saudi cover up but why do haters try and diss the muslim women,trying to make islam sound they’ll be saying Saudi men are being forced to wear the hijab lol.if Islam was so bad haters should ask themselves why do they people convert into islam.why dont we ask of the highest who seems to have got a master degree in islam lmao lmao!!


  12. If you ask me and I have no basis on anything in terms of religion there or cultural customs there, I would say that women wear black because it makes the only visible part of their body, the eyes, “pop”. White detracts this effect and color distracts from this effect. Long dark eyelashes and dark brown eyes look awesome with black around them.


    • A mask always arouses curiosity, but there are Muslim women who also cover the eyes with a mesh. I would tell you that black hair around dark eyelashes, dark brown eyes and a beautiful face is much more awesome.


  13. Are you serious? I’m Somali and that, is a complete lie! When one thing is a lie it makes the whole article questionable.


  14. Hi, I’m sorry but all of this blog is wrong…where did all this come from? All these sayings are incorrect :/ try a different website mate your information is incorrect



    I really do applaud this poor guys for travelling so many places just to justify that Islam is unequal in accord to gender and that it implies that Muslims cannot do anything that “unbelievers” do. Firstly your quotes are on point but your ability to explain it is atrocious. Women cover up more than men fair enough; but that is to guard their modesty so they don’t become an object of sexual desire. Obviously if a Muslim man was to walk around showing his sexual parts, believe me he would be punished by the Almighty. Come on, western societies encourage women to walk around in six inch heels and tight fitted dresses because being tall and thin is seen as beautiful. What a surprise, it is non Muslim men that think this. (I studied a lot about modern day western fashion and beauty) Our religion guards the modesty of Muslim women so they are covered and comfortable! Oh and about Muslims not imitating non-believers, it refers to the sins that SOME non-believers do. For example, drinking, which can lead to irresponsibility, adultery and fornication. May i just add that Islam is not the only religion to prohibit adultery and fornication.

    Peace :D


  16. The men do not ALL wear white.. some wear brown, green, grey.. and some wear western clothing too.. that statement you made just shows your ignorance.


  17. Well, the men are known for wearing white. Okay, I will possibly change it to the men in Saudi Arabia mostly wear white.


  18. sdfsdfd


  19. wow infidel you travel lot war zone/hit countries (iraq, Afghan,lebonan etc).

    no surprise in your fake/incorrect blog on islam.

    your following the footsteps of ur bully western counties. licking bush ass as well.

    the hour is near. fear for it. change before hour is established.


    • I have written the truth: The women in Islamic countries on the Arabian Peninsula wear black to avoid being noticed and harassment by “religious police.” Sharia law is designed for men, not to protect women.


      • There is no sharia law in KSA. Sharia has not been implemented anywhere for over 1000 years, check your facts please. Be respectful of local
        Customs in any country and stop trying to impose you version of freedom onto others. Yes women can’t drive in KSA, but that’s not a reflection on Islam – Saudi population is 16million Muslims out of 1.5billion globally – women in all other Muslim countries drive do not wear black etc. Your argument fails on every level.


      • Paul, you claim that there is no Sharia law in Saudi Arabia and that I have not checked the facts. it is you who needs to check the facts. “The legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia, Islamic law derived from the Qu’ran and the Sunnah (the traditions) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The sources of Sharia also include Islamic scholarly consensus developed after Muhammad’s death and analogical reasoning by Muslim judges. Its interpretation by judges in Saudi Arabia is influenced by the medieval texts of the literalist Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence. Uniquely in the Muslim world, Sharia has been adopted by Saudi Arabia in an uncodified form. This, and the lack of judicial precedent, has resulted in considerable uncertainty in the scope and content of the country’s laws. The government therefore announced its intention to codify Sharia in 2010, but this is yet to be implemented. Sharia has also been supplemented by regulations issued by royal decree covering modern issues such as intellectual property and corporate law. Nevertheless, Sharia remains the primary source of law, especially in areas such as criminal, family, commercial and contract law, and the Qu’ran and the Sunnah are declared to be the country’s constitution.”


  20. Poorly written with absolutely no facts at all. Just your run of the mill anti Islamic racist bs from an ignorant person. Dare anyone write an article with similar connotations about Judaism and you’d have these people screaming ‘anti-semetism’.

    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but please don’t bend facts, deliberately misinterpret and take things out of context. All that does is make you seem stupid


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  22. I agree with the blogger. They wear black to avoid attention. If they were to wear pink, someone, somewhere would complain and make their lives difficult. This person is not being racist but uncovering some of the truths that happen in this country. This all may not be written in the qu’ran but it is surely practiced and encouraged. Why else would ALL these women opt to wear black on a strict basis. Every culture has their differences and that’s fine. If you people actually do some digging around you will see that Saudi Arabia ranks third LAST out of 148 countries in the world on the gender inequality index. There are many great things about islam and different religious. What the author is trying to say is that the religion is used against women at times. And polices and society in Saudi is designed for men to maintain control and power, and does not acknowledge rights of freedoms the way it is fair in 2014. Since religion plays such a significant role in the Saudi culture and life, isn’t it obvious there is a link between oppression and the religion? Did you also know that Saudi women are prohibited from voting or running for office? Apparently this law is being overlooked and will change in 2015, however, is it not evident that there is a serious, serious issue with this country acknowledging the fact that there are still countries out there forbidding females to vote?

    On another note, a lot of this Sharia law and rules are “unwritten.” Which means there is a significant amount of room for officials with discretionary power to use in their favor. I understand that a lot of this script is aways left up to interpretation. But that cannot disregard the fact that it is ridiculous a religious book encourage and use language which promotes abuse i.e. if a wife becomes disobedient the muslim husband has a right to whip her.

    Just my two cents but unfortunately a lot of realities were uncovered in what was written. Not all arab countries are like this, but the state of that country in my opinion is very, very conceding. Ask yourselves this question? Would you feel happy and comfortable allowing YOUR daughter to be raised there?

    Didn’t think so.


  23. I think the writer has little knowledge about Islam and other religions
    Islam has given the women her true value unlike the western culture who sell the beauty and chastity of their women in open market as they are so called broad minded people.


  24. islam don’t force women to wear black and men to wear Wight. .
    I am Muslim girl ..I wear any colour I want and in Saudi girl choose to wear black .. to cover herself better than women who show her body and in street many men disturb and follow her even sometime they kidnapping her .. islam teach us better we wear this and that but we can choose if we don’t want ..but we will choose what will cover our body.

    many pictures of what you post this not Muslims. .this just movie or some people make that to destroy our islam …our islam not like this .. before islam come non-muslims when his wife gave birth to girl they Buried his daughter when she was alive but when islam come teache us don’t do this and islam give rights for women to live beautiful life like man ..islam teach man to respect woman and hadith said ( the heaven under the mother feet ) hadith said that to make women look great.. islam punish men who hurt his wife .. islam allow a Muslim to marry up to 4 wives if he choose to. but this is a license not cimmand ..Although polygamy is allowed, very fee men go beyond one wife. such a license closes the door to adultery, solves the problem of women exceeding men in number in some cases in some countries. no one force man to get another wife and no one forces the second wife to accept getting married to a polygamous husband. having more than one wife is better safer and purer than having one wife and a number of mistresses.
    and last thing not all Muslims do as really islam teach us many talk bad about islam bcoz inside they not really Muslim .They just want to destroy islam ….many force women to do and wear something islam don’t ask to force for so Allah (our God) will punish them when they day of judgement.

    u have misunderstanding our islam and I will pray for u always to find the truth.


  25. The reporter did not invistigate ghe real Islam , I am a muslim man I was horifying when I saw those pics, in fact what was seen is not an Islamic law, but you will find in many cases that tribes in arabia mix tribal norms with Islam ansd clame this is an Islamic, this is abulutely wrong, and does not represent Islam, I think this article represent a propoganda to show an ugly face to the Islam.


  26. rubbish article


  27. I can’t believe that muslims don’t want to accept their reality. this in fact happened in history. muhammad was a old and nasty pervert. this article is telling the truth about Arab saudit laws. women really want to scape from their misery. muslim men wear in white clothes like presenting that they are holy people but they are in fact, blacker than their women’s black clothes. It is very common to see muslims denying everything against their islam… people are not blind… we can see clearly how you treat your women. women who are forced to wear a vailed just because that stupid law created by man asks it…… i can’t believe women are being killed because of nonsenses! we are not stupid you ugly and retard muslim scams! we see this in the news everyday. you may be lie to your own people but not all the world. your islam coming to an end very soon. just you wait.


    • Someone in gulf peninsula

      Oh…uhm can you please don’t criticize much…

      I am a Muslim lady, and I haven’t been harassed or even punished for something as silly as not wearing a veil and the abaya…

      It’s just clearly not right…I mean, you are a human with a religion right? Prophet mohammed PBUH isn’t a pervert…so please don’t get into some silly conclusions such as this…he is our mentor, the one who united the Muslims all over the world. He loves his women and never did something I’ll to them, he is the one who also pushes men to treat their women as queens and not to push them to any harm…

      As to that you’ve seen it in some news or something…did you know that tgere are false Muslims Who does sinful doings.


  28. “do u no wt forget all these jelious twats.they’ve gt nthing beter to do den bitch abwt Islam,god knows wer they’ve researched der made up facts from lol!!islam is da fastest growing religion,evry day thousands convert,so ask urslf haters why do ur ppl turn our way to Islam haha??”

    Next time learn how to spell correctly and form proper sentences. From your comment I can immediately tell you are not very educated in much in life other than being a sheep and spewing the same b.s. as others like you. Regarding Islam being the fastest growing religion…What does that have to do with ANYTHING? If everyone jumped off the bridge you would do it too because everyone else is doing it? Get your head out of your ass man! I was born into the religion and practiced it for a while. Then I started researching more and more and found many things that troubled me about the religion. Then I started researching other religions. Until you do your due diligence and educate yourself about the facts and learn about other faiths then do humanity a favor and keep your idiotic opinions to yourself. Salam-wa-lakum.


    • Muhammed Flaifil

      First of all this chat is concentrating on Saudi Men, and this is very true. Saudi men are not Muslims. They are screwed up individuals. I have lived in Saudi Arabia and I can tell you honestly that this country has the most disturbed people in the entire world. The men here are perverts, demented, love to torture women because it gives them a hardon. There is not that much to say really. These people should be erased permanently from this world.


  29. Evolution People

    When I am told that I cannot say what I want, wear what I want, or do what I want (so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone), then I am oppressed and I will never, ever, be oppressed. I am an adult woman and I will make MY OWN decisions. If I wear a pair of shorts, YOU will control yourself – you are a man, not an animal, correct? If I want to drive my car, I will do so when I want, and where I want at any time of the day. If you touch me without my approval and because you think you can, I will wrap your genitals around your neck, so I suggest YOU get control of yourself. The day I am forced to live in that pathetic, sexist, controlling, testosterone laden freak show, is the day I move to another country and I will continue to move if need be. I will never in my entire life be told I have to wear a black, hot burlap bag over my body and head in 120 degree weather (because men can’t control themselves) and be told that is for my own good. I WILL DECIDE WHAT’S FOR MY OWN GOOD AND YOU WILL CONTROL YOUR ANIMAL, THIRD WORLD, LESS EVOLVED BEHAVIOUR. Oh, and your 2000 year old BS that your pedophile men can have sex with little girls and marry them, forcing their current wives to put up with that crap is disgusting, pathetic and filthy. Someday I hope your women will wake up and say enough is enough, and not be brutally beaten for saying it.


    • Someone in gulf peninsula

      It’s not that men can’t control themselves, it’s pure modesty, and would you want to be seen naked by someone? Nope I guess not its just like that, I am from the peninsula and I haven’t been forced to wear anything i don’t want…and as for that we can’t wear white…who in the bloody hell said that?? I mean hello! When you go to hajj or umra, people wear white, black, or anything that covers her body, not tight, or will show her figure. And does the police stop her? Nope…not even a breath to the lady…

      And well when you said that women shouldn’t imitate men and men shouldn’t imitate women…I have an example for that…

      Do you accept a gay or a lesbian? Just a question and you should answer that…

      Oh and about that, we women are some object that men uses? Well you should look into that properly. Men protects us since we women are fragile beings that could be harassed by son sinful doers, we are not forced to do anything or even in marriage…we choose who our life partner would be and be with them so they can protect us and share each other’s good aspects..

      It’s true that Saudi arabia’s rules are based on the shari’a but they don’t sentence one to death just by a snap of the finger…they do some investigations, look into the case properly and then when all have been proved that the case really had to be a death punishment then that’s what they do…


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