The black stone of Islam has no connection to Abraham.

The black stone is encased in metal to hold it together (it is broken) and is circled seven times by Muslims without underwear during their pilgrimage to Mecca. If they are able to get close enough to it, they may put their heads into the hole and kiss it. If they not able to get close enough, they are to stretch out their hand towards it and say “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “Allah is greater.”

There are many facts (warnings) exposing Islam to be nothing other than a lie. Islam has no connection to Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus as Muslims claim. The facts reveal that Islam’s god “Allah” is not the God of Abraham and his descendants — is not connected through Sarah’s servant Hagar, not through Abraham’s son Ishmael and not through the culture of idolatry that has gripped the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years. In fact “Allah” is the moon-god whose wife was the sun-god and he had three daughters (goddesses) all of them worshiped by Arabs as the star family with hundreds of other idols.

NOTE: Muslims will tell you that “Allah” is the equivalent Arabic word for God in the Bible, not his name, but in fact the Arabic language was totally conformed to Islam at the end of the 7th century and the pagan moon-god named “Allah” was chosen for the Islamic god they identify in the Quran. Please watch the movie, Islam: The Untold Story on

The Muslims claim that Abraham and his son Ishmael went to Mecca, far south on the Arabian Peninsula, that the Arabs are the direct descendants of Abraham and Ishmael, that Abraham and Ishmael’s God was “Allah” and that Abraham and Ishmael put the black stone at the Kaaba in Mecca.

The reason Muslims claim that Abraham and Ishmael put the black stone at the Kaaba in Mecca is because they attempt to justify it being there and that Muslims circle around the stone seven times and kiss it during their pilgrimage. If Muslims, while circling the stone, are unable to get close enough to the stone to kiss it… they are to then, at the least, direct their hand toward the stone and say in Arabic “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “Allah is greater.”

NOTE: What is interesting is that “Allahu Akbar” does not mean “Allah” is great, but “greater,” meaning Muslims are instructed that “Allah is greater” than all other gods, and this is why the sun (Allah’s wife) is criticized in the Quran for setting in a mud puddle. Also, the Quran instructs Muslims to kill non-Muslims (especially Jews and Christians) until “all religion belongs to Allah.”

Why do Muslims attempt to justify the black stone? The answer is that the black stone is known to have in the past been the focus of sexual orgies, where Meccans would run around the stone naked and having sex at the Kaaba, and throughout the city. Muslims today who claim that Abraham and Ishmael put the stone at the Kaaba claim that the stone had at one time been sacred, that the Meccans then forsook Abraham’s god and started using the stone as a sexual object—desecrating it, but that Mohammad came along and cleansed the stone. Muslims claim today that they may kiss the black stone, because it is said that Mohammad was seen kissing the stone.

NOTE: Muslims seen circling the stone today do so completely naked under their garments, i.e., without wearing any underwear.

First, there is no historically documented or archeological evidence to prove that Abraham and Ishmael were ever on the Arabian Peninsula, nor that they put the black stone in Mecca, none whatsoever.

Second, despite what Muslims are taught and believe, (i.e., they are taught that Mecca was established in Abraham’s time), Mecca has actually only existed since the 3rd or 4th century AD. There is no evidence to prove that Mecca existed before the 3rd or 4th century AD. If Mecca had existed at the time of Abraham, who were its trading partners? (No evidence exists, whatsoever). None of the Greek and Roman historians and geographers, and others living in the area, (e.g., Nabataeans), who visited the area between the time of Abraham and the 3rd or 4th century AD ever mentioned such a place which, had it existed, would have been the most well-known and most thriving city on the continent. Muslims insist otherwise, however, Muslims have not yet produced any historical or archealogical evidence for their claim. As for the Quran, it cannot be used as documented evidence, because it was not written by anyone living through or within the period/events discussed. The Quran was written in the late 7th and 8th century AD.

Mecca is located at least 1,000 kilometers – across barren desert – away from where Abraham was. The record of Abraham’s journey detailed in the Bible and confirmed by archaelogy, precludes any notion of Abraham or Ishmael ever having been in Mecca. Also, they lived almost 1,000 years before the first caravan route was established along the Red Sea in Arabia. Indeed Abraham’s journey never brought him within about 1,000, to as much as 1,500 kilometers from Mecca, a city which apparently did not exist until the 4th centuzry, AD.

Khadijah’s Peninsula

Third, there was no reason for Abraham and Ishmael to wander far south onto the Arabian Peninsula. Abraham and Ishmael were already living in a much greener area where their flocks of sheep had green pastures.

Fourth, Abraham and Ishmael were not known to be missionaries and they would not have wanted their children (descendants) to marry into the culture of idolatry on the Arabian Peninsula.

Fifth, Ishmael’s mother, Hagar, was an Egyptian woman, not at all from the Arabian Peninsula. And Abraham, she and Ishmael spoke Hebrew, not Arabic. There was no reason for Abraham and Ishmael to go to the Arabian Peninsula where the language and culture was totally foreign to them.

Sixth, there is a historical account in the Bible (Genesis 17: 3-8) where God promised in his covenant to Abraham to give Abraham’s descendents the land of Canaan, where Abraham was. There would have been no reason for Abraham to leave Canaan to go to the Arabian Peninsula. God had not promised to give him the Arabian Peninsula, but the land of Canaan.

Seventh, there is also a historical account in the Bible (Genesis 15: 18) which says very clearly that Ishmael’s sons “settled in the area from Havilah to Shur, near the border to Egypt, as you go toward Asshur,” not on the Arabian Peninsula.  And none of them spoke Arabic. It is only reasonable to expect that Hagar, her son Ishmael and her grandsons and their families would settle between Canaan and Egypt as the Book of Genesis says. There was no reason for Abraham or Ishmael to immerse themselves and their families into a foreign culture and language on the Arabian Peninsula.


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  1. Obviously, it’s a “shivlingam”.


  2. thanks to best conclusion about mekka and abraham


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