Here are the 4 reasons why Obama went on vacation while conducting limited airstrikes on ISIS – now the newly declared caliphate, “Islamic State” (IS).

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For those of you who believe that Obama does not want to do more against the terrorists in Syria and Iraq because he does not want to get us into another war or that he “has no strategy,” you are … Continue reading


John Kerry, the 2nd fiddle usurper and liar, accuses Edward Snowden of being a “traitor” and “coward”. The fact is Obama, Kerry and their co-conspirators’ “music” is treasonous and void ab initio.

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Because Edward Snowden left the United States prior to revealing (exposing) the fact that our government willfully and routinely violates our Constitution, and because Snowden will not, as John Kerry says, “come home tomorrow to face the music,” Kerry accuses … Continue reading


Where is the !!!! OUTRAGE !!!! that I expected from Western leaders over the Muslims murdering people in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere ?!?!?!? There is no god called “Allah”: The Arabs are “Allah”.

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Nowhere within the Qur’an will you find that “Allah” did anything: “Allah” did not help the Arabs invade their neighbors in the 7th century. Islam did not even exist in the 7th century. And since the 8th century it has … Continue reading


Only those who believe they have conquered you want to take your guns.

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The one thing that “We the People” must acknowledge today, and there is much evidence of this, is that the “members of Congress (the legislative), judicial and executive branches of government” are conspiring together (are one) against us: They no … Continue reading


There were five unlawful attempts just prior to the 2008 election to change the definition (meaning) of “natural born Citizen.” These with numerous other unlawful acts expose the conspiracy and that they are levying war against the United States.

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The five attempts by members of Congress to change the definition (meaning) of “natural born Citizen,” Obama and Hillary Clinton’s co-sponsoring of Senate Resolution 511 prior to the 2008 election, Chief Justice John Robert’s willful disregard for the eligibility requirements … Continue reading


Obama is no more “the President” than I am. I was not a qualified President elect, nor was Obama. And in fact neither of us took the required procedural qualification test specified in 3 U.S.C. 15.

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Barack Hussein Obama is no more the President of the United States than I am. The fact that the required safeguard, (i.e,. “call for objections” after counting the electoral votes), was not made by the President of the Senate (Dick … Continue reading


Whose footprint is this? And what is this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this? Ummm…

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No doubt, because Senate Resolution 511 was to persuade Judge William Alsup to dismiss the lawsuit against McCain, they included the fact that McCain “was born to American citizens” (plural). Senate Resolution 511 states “Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was … Continue reading


Obama has NO allegiance to the United States: He in fact displays his hatred for the United States.

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Obama’s supporters and defenders are now arguing that a person need not take both an elevator and the stairs to get upstairs, i.e., arguing that a person only needs to be born in the United States, not born of citizen … Continue reading


Authority to shoot and kill Obama comes from our rights to a defense, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and other constitutional laws.

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NOTICE EVERYONE: I want to remind you again, if you are an American citizen you have the full authority of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and other constitutional laws to shoot and kill Obama. To kill him at this … Continue reading


Traitors are born before the SHTF.

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Traitors, including cowards, are born before the SHTF: Their conscience set aside and hardened to save their professions and careers. Beware of those who are silent—violating their oaths to support and defend our Constitution, no matter what the excuse. This … Continue reading